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lcc is a retargetable compiler for ANSI C described in the book 'A Retargetable C Compiler: Design and Implementation' (Addison-Wesley, 1995, ISBN 0-8053-1670-1).. It generates code for the ALPHA, SPARC, MIPS R3000, and Intel x86 and its successors.

Current Version:   4.0

License Type:   Free, copyrighted, and subject to some provisions described in the CPYRIGHT file of the source distribution.

Home Site:

Source Code Availability:   Yes

Available Binary Packages:

  • Debian Package:   No
  • RedHat RPM Package:   No
  • Other Packages:   Yes (tgz file)

Targeted Platforms:

Linux and other UNIX systems

Software/Hardware Requirements:


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Mailing Lists/USENET News Groups:

See Home Site for information on mailing list of lcc.

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