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Ratfor is a preprocessor that converts the Rational Fortran dialect into ordinary Fortran 77. The output can then be compiled using g77 or f2c.

The Rational Fortran dialect allows us to use C-like flow expressions. Statements on a line may be separated by a ";". Statements may be grouped together with braces {}. Do loops do not require statement numbers because {} defines the range, etc. The Fortran relational operators .gt.,.ge,.ne., etc. may be written >,<=,!=,etc. Unfortunately, the Ratfor switch statement conflicts with implicit undefined declaration, consequently we never use it. Ratfor also frees you from FORTRANs strict indentation rules. Anything from a # to the end of the line is a comment. Ratfor offers quite a few more features more and we strongly recommend it to any FORTRAN programmer.

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