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You could say a text editor is the most basic computer software, and the software used most often by many people. It can be used for, but not limited to, editing program source files or shell scripts, typesetting documents, writing e.mail, just to name a few. The list of text editors software should be much longer than it is here. However, only important and popular editors are listed.

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Text Editors   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

aee easy to use text editor to be used with little or no instruction.
APE [CM][SR] -- an efficient and versatile editor.
asWedit -- a comprehensive and easy to use HTML and text editor for X windows.
ASWedit [CM] -- a comprehensive and easy to use HTML and text editor for X windows.
aXe -- a simple to use text editor for X windows.
biew -- binary/hex/disasm viewer/editor.
ce -- a feature rich full screen editor developed specifically for X.
Cooledit [GPL] -- a full-featured X window text editor.
CRiSP [CM] -- a moder file editor for programmers and other professionals.
NEW e3 [GPL] -- a full-screen user-friendly text editor similar to Wordstar.
Eddi -- a nice text editor with GUI and many nice features.
Edith Pro [CM] -- a powerful, good-looking and easy-to-learn text editor for X11.
Emacs ---

Jove -- an Emacs-like text editor without Lisp.
GNU Emacs [GPL] -- GNU incarnation of the advanced, extensible display editor Emacs.
Mule [GPL] -- a multilingual enhancement to GNU Emacs.
XEmacs [GPL] -- an alternative to GNU Emacs with some more features and full GUI support.
Epsilon [CM] -- fast/powerful/customizable/extensible editor with EMACS and Brief key bindings.
FTE -- a text editor for programmers with configurable color syntax highlighting.
gEdit [GPL] -- a text editor that is being written with the GTK+ library.
gnotepad+ [GPL] -- an easy-t-use and feature-rich simple text editor for UNIX/X11.
gred [GPL] -- a small, easy-to-use, terminal-based text editor for Unix.
GXedit [GPL] -- a simple graphical editor using Gtk.
Hybris [GPL] -- a structured document editor.
JED [GPL] -- a cross-platform editor for programmers.
jEdit [GPL] -- a powerful, easy to use, cross platform text editor written in Java.
JERED [GPL] -- a simple to use C/C++ text editor.
NEW Jext [GPL] -- a Java-based programming text editor.
KHexEdit [GPL] -- a versatile binary file editor.
LE [GPL] -- a text editor on terminal with many block operations.
lpe [GPL] -- a very lightweight editor designed for programming.
MEdit -- a graphic, multi-window, cross-platform text editor.
NEW meditor [GPL] -- a text editor with some symbolic computation capabilities.
NEW Minimum Profit [GPL] -- a programmer's text editor.
mpTOOLS -- an open source text editor written in Java.
mxedit -- an editor based on Tcl/Tk.
nano [GPL] -- Pico editor clone with enhancements.
ne [GPL] -- easy to use and powerful text editor for UN*X.
NEdit [GPL] -- a GUI style plain-text editor for X/Motif systems.
MtScript -- a multi-lingual text editor.
ped -- a text editor with a dual vi/emacs interface.
pryzm [CM] -- a CDE-based text editor and browser.
Red -- an editor has a GUI, mouse and key support, commands, and is easy to use.
Scriptum -- a graphical editor for programmers.
SEDIT [CM] -- a powerful UNIX text editor patterned after IBM's XEDIT editor.
Setedit [GPL] -- editor for C/C++ programers.
SeX [GPL] -- a simple text editor for the X windows system.
SlickEdit [CM] -- a fast, feature-rich, and easy to use editor.
sted [GPL] -- a very small and simple ncurses-based text editor.
Ted [GPL] -- an X11 GUI Editor with automatic word wrap.
Ted -- a small and powerful text editor for X window.
Ted -- a full-featured multi-window text editor for Linux.
J [GPL] -- a multifile, multiwindow programmer's editor written in Java.
Text Editor -- a "Text Editor" Java applet/application.
THE [GPL] -- a powerful text editor modelled on the VM/CMS text editor XEDIT.
tkedit -- an X11 oriented editor entirely written in Tcl/Tk.
TkNotePad -- a simple text editor like the Windows notepad.
VCHE -- a hex editor which lets you see all 256 characters.
VEDIT PLUS [CM] -- a fast, multi-purpose and univerasal file editor.
vi -- a standard visual editor under UNIX.
Elvis [GPL] --- a much improved vi editor with syntax highlighting.
KVI -- a VI clone for KDE environment.
Levee -- a small vi clone.
NEW nvi -- a VI clone with many additional features.
Vim -- a compatible version of the UNIX editor vi with lots of extensions.
vile [GPL] -- a vi-compatible editor with many extensions.
Wily -- a mouse-oriented, text-based working environment for programmers.
Wished [GPL] -- a simple text editor written in Tcl/Tk.
X-WordPad -- a Tcl/Tk based easy-to-use text editor.
X2 -- a text mode editor for fast code writing.
Xcoral -- a multiwindows mouse-based text editor for X.
xed -- an interactive texteditor for X based on the Athena widgets.
Xenon [GPL] -- a simple X-based text editor.
Xmmx [GPL] -- a portable programmer's text editor.
XRedit -- a fast programming editor for X.
xwb [GPL] -- tool for editing source files, and compiling, executing the target files.
yudit -- a unicode text editor for the X Window System.
Zed [GPL] -- a simple, fast and powerful text editor.

Also Check Out
jedit in jstools -- an multi-mode, multi-window text editor.
TextSurgeon [CM] -- programmers workbench for UNIX C/C++ software developers.

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