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Vim (Vi Improved) is the much improved version of the UNIX editor Vi.

Current Version:   5.7

License Type:   Free :-)

Home Site:

Source Code Availability:   Yes

Available Binary Packages:

   Debian     Package:
   RedHat RPM Package: (vim-*)
   Other      Packages: (vim*)

Targeted Platforms:

AmigaOS, Atari MiNT, BeOS, DOS, MacOS, OS/2, UNIX, VAX, VMS, WindowsNT, Windows95

Software/Hardware Requirements:


Other Links:          Vim Home Page      Vim FAQ Vim Development Vim Distribution Vim Dvorak Keyboard Setup Vim and Macintoshs Vim Mailing Lists Vim Organization Vim Pictures Vim RIght-LEft (language) editing Vim Text Objects Vim Users and Setups Vim Wishlist (new features+ changes) (major FTP site)

Mailing Lists/USENET News Groups:

Usenet/news discussion about Vim is done on the newsgroup comp.editors.
There are three mailing lists about Vim:
	VIM announcements list
	VIM help mailing  list   
	VIM development   list
Please read for more info.

User Comments:

Last release of Vim-4 is "vim-4.6". Changes from Vim-4: Improvements with the "ex mode" interface, conditional statements (which allow customization of the setup file for several platforms), now interfaces with Perl, and a graphical user interface (menus and mouse!) for Amiga and Windows.

Vim ships with lots of documentation, several macro files and a few very nifty utilities: ctags - a tag file generator (also improves the standard ctags a lot) and xxd - a hex converter.

But the best new feature with Vim-5 is: "Syntax Coloring"; it allows you to define the "language" your text files are written in and Vim will colorize the text parts according to that language. This allows to define colors for comments, statements,

The Vim-5 alpha already ships with color setup files ("syntax files") for these "languages":

ada, ada95, asm, asmh8300, awk, c, cpp, csh, cterm, diff, dosbatch, dosini, expect, fortran, help, html, java, javacc, lex, lisp, mail, make, maple, matlab, model, modula2, nosyntax, objc, pascal, perl, postscr, procmail, prolog, python, sather, scripts, sendmail, sh, sm, sql, syntax, tcl, telixsalt, tex, uil, verilog, vgrindefs, vhdl, vim, viminfo, vrml, xmath, yacc, zsh.

See also: The file "quotes" from the distribution and the screenshots below.

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