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A modeler is a program that generates a description of a scene or a collection of 3D objects (usually in text format). It also specifies how the scene should look like in 3D display. Rendering software (often called rendering engine), such as raytracer, are used to produce photo- quality images according to the designed lighting condition.

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Modelers   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

NEW 3Delight -- a fast RenderMan compatible renderer.
3Dom --- a 3D object modeler designed to create scenes for rendering programs.
3dPM [GPL] -- a modeller for POV-RAY using Qt.
AC3D [SR] -- simple to use 3D modeller.
ACIS [CM] -- 3D modeling system provides curve, surface, and solid in an OO architecture.
AERO -- tool for simulation and visualization of rigid-body systems.
AL -- a programming language for modeling and animation.
AlaDyn-3D -- dynamic simulation system with deformation and interactions.
NEW cal3d [GPL] -- a skeletal based 3d character animation library in C++.
Blender -- 3D design and animation software.
breplibrary [GPL] -- topological data structure implementation for representing surface of 3D solid.
BRL-CAD -- Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) based solid modeling system.
BspSolid -- a powerful polyhedra solid modeling library.
EQUINOX -- a 3D software package.
Extreme Wave [GPL] -- a project to create a feature rich, extensible 3D modeling environment.
Font3D -- build 3D model with any TrueType font.
GIG3DGO [CM] -- a sophisticated 3D modeling, animation and rendering software.
Giram >[GPL] -- a POV-ray oriented modeller.
GL-Space -- a free 3-D modeler for the X window system.
Glace -- simulation and visualization of automata networks.
gSculpt [GPL] -- a 3D modelling program using translational and rotational sweeps of polylines.
Innovation3D [GPL] -- a 3D modelling tool with both mesh and NURBS based modeling.
irit -- solid modeler developed for educational purposes.
K4DE [GPL] -- an editor for for the creation and manipulation of 3D objects.
kWorldEd [GPL] -- a 3d modeler for KDE in early development.
MARS -- 3D modelling animation and redering system.
Me3D [GPL] -- a polygonal 3D modeling program, intended for creating OpenGL models.
mg^2 [GPL] -- a 3D modeller using Gtk and OpenGL.
Midnight Modeller -- a GUI based interface for the POV raytracer.
Mind's Eye [GPL] --- a project to develop a complete modeling/animation package.
Moonlight Atelier -- a 3D modeler and a renderer package for images creation and visual effects.
Mops -- a 3D modeling environment.
MSDL -- a scene description language for graphics research.
NEW Open Dynamics Engine [GPL] -- library for simulating articulated rigid body dynamic.
OGRE -- an object generatore and editor.
Open CASCADE [GPL] -- C++ components for 3D modeling applications.
OpenGVS [CM] -- realtime 3D scene management software and graphics API.
Parasolid [CM] -- a portable geometric modeler kernel for modeling application.
Pretty Poly [GPL] -- a cros-platform 3D model editor.
Primal Form [GPL] -- a 3D modeler for UNIX under development.
Rational Reducer [CM] -- optimizing 3D models for real-time visualization.
Sced -- modeling program that makes use of geometric constraints to edit objects.
Sceda -- an enhencement to Sced.
SvLis -- a C++ and set-theoretic kernel geometric modeller.
VARKON [GPL] -- open general purpose interactive modeling system.
Virtuoso [GPL] -- an idea for a 3D modeling/animation/rendering package for Linux.
WorldEd -- a 3d modeller for KDE.

Also check out
GiD [CM] -- a universal, adaptative and friendly pre/post-processing system for engineers.
GIGVIZ [CM] -- 3D design visualization software for designers, engineers, architects and CAD users.
MAM/VRS -- general-purpose graphics toolkit with high-level interface to 3D rendering/modeling.
MicroStation 95 [CM] -- professional software for enterprise-scale engineering projects.
OpenRM [GPL] -- help develop portable 2D/3D/stereo graphics, visualization applications, etc.
PovChem -- generates POV-Ray files from Protein Data Bank.
VariCAD [CM] -- a mechanical engineering CAD system.
XRay -- visualizing 3D bodies with various optical properties.

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