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Raytracing applications take a model with the description of a scene (prepared by Modelers, or simply by a text editor), and then generate image files accordingly. Raytracers usually take into consideration lighting, camera position/angle, material textures, and various properties affecting the images.

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Raytracers   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

AnimaBob -- an interactive volume rendering tool for generating movies.
NEW AniTMT [GPL] -- a flexible application to create photorealistic films.
Axis -- a 3D network accessible rendering engine, useful for building shared virtual environments.
Behemot Graphics Editor -- a raytracing program includes primitives, triangle mesh, NURBS, Bezier.
BMRT -- collection of rendering programs which adhere to the RenderMan interface standard.

NEW BORG -- a network rendering system for BMRT with GUI.
NEW BOOLE -- converts a CSG model into boundary representation form.
Conix 3D Explorer [CM] -- renders Mathematica graphics with OpenGL.
CSG Ray Tracer -- a simple CSG ray tracer.
The Difference Engine "r95" renderer -- a DOOM style renderer.
DragonRay -- a ray tracing engine similar to POVRay.
NEW Entropy [CM] -- a high-quality rendering system based partially on BMRT.
NEW flow -- a particle animation application.
GRAFICA NATURA -- 3-D realtime rendering system.
jawRay -- an experimental multiplatform raytracer written in C++.
Lightflow Rendering Tools -- tools for advanced photorealistic rendering.
MasterPiece [CM] -- engineering visualization tools with ray tracing and animation abilities.
Mental Ray [CM] -- high-performance, photorealistic ray-tracing and scanline rendering software.
OpenRM [GPL] -- 2D/3D scene graph rendering engine layered atop OpenGL.
Panorama [GPL] -- a 3D scene redering system.
IRIS Performer -- 3D rendering toolkit for real-time, interactive graphics applications.
Pixcon/Anitroll -- a 3D rendering package.
PMR -- a simple 3D rendering/editing tool.
Polyray [SR] -- a rendering program for producing scenes of 3D shapes and surfaces.
PortRAY -- a portable ANSI C raytracer with some special features.
POV-ray -- a 3-dimensional raytracing engine.
KPov [GPL] -- a front end to POV-ray for KDE.
Povray Rendering Center -- an X11 based application to make easier the rendering with POV-ray.
PovFront -- a front-end for POV-Ray ray tracer.
POVTextureEditor [GPL] -- edits POV-ray texture, pigment, colormap and color description interactively.
tclPov -- a GUI front-end to Pov-ray.
tkPovShell [GPL] -- a graphical user interface for POV-ray in UNIX/X.
xfpovray [GPL] -- a graphical interface to POV-Ray.
VisualPOV -- a simple graphical user interface of operating POV-RAY.
Radiance -- analysis and visualization of lighting in design.
Rational Reducer [CM] -- a new polygon reduction technology speeds up 3D rendering.
RAY++ -- a collection of C++ classes for raytracing.
Rayshade -- a system for generating ray-traced images.
RenderDotC [CM] -- a photorealistic rendering toolkit adheres to the RenderMan(R) standard.
SART -- a guile library for raytracing and high-complexity 3d modelling.
Synpic [GPL] -- a ray tracer with a rich 3D procedural description language.
Threedom -- 3D polygon rendering engine.
VolPack -- a portable software library for fast, high-quality volume rendering.
Volsh -- a volume render based on parallel Shear-Warp Factorization algorithms.
VORT -- collection of tools and library for image rendering/manipulation.
WatRend -- a simple, portable 3-D rendering library.
WebView3D -- a 3D rendering package.
Xplanet [GPL] -- renders an image of the earth into the X root window.
XRay [GPL] -- visualizing 3D bodies with various optical properties.

Also Check Out:
MARS -- 3D modelling animation and redering system.
Panard Vision [CM] -- a high quality 3D real-time and portable rendering engine.
Virtuoso [GPL] -- an idea for a 3D modeling/animation/rendering package for Linux.

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