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Statistics helps one analyze data collected from say, experiments or questionaires. Then a reasonable model or prediction can be obtained. Software listed here can have a specific purpose or a general purpose, so check it out for yourself.
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Statistics   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

ARfit -- estimation and spectral decomposition of multivariate autoregressive models.
|STAT -- data manipulation and analysis programs.
AD Model Builder [CM] -- rapid development of nonlinear statistical models.
CLASP -- a tool for visualizing and statistically analyzing data.
Econometrics Toolbox -- statistical estimation, graphics, and data manipulation.
ESS [GPL] -- an Emacs-Lisp interface for interactive statistical programming and data analysis.
Elementary Statistical Java Applets and Tools
FFE [GPL] -- GUI front end of ODRPACK for regression.
PSPP (originally named Fiasco) [GPL] -- a program for statistical analysis of sampled data.
Genetic LISREL [GPL] -- a evolutionary program which estimates LISREL models.
Goose [GPL] -- a C++ library dedicated to statistical computation.
Gstat [GPL] -- program for multivariable geostatistical modeling, prediction and simulation.
Guide to Basic Laboratory Statistics -- a guide to elementary inferential statistics, including Java applets.
ldlas [GPL] -- ncurses based statistical application.
LOCFIT -- local regression and likelihood.
MacAnova -- an interactive statistical analysis program.
Muac [GPL] -- a fast (n log(n)) algorithm for the 2D KS test.
Multivariate Data Analysis Software -- mostly written in Fortran or C.
mwanova [GPL] -- multi-way analysis of variance of balanced data sets.
pasu -- Tcl/Tk based probability and statistics utilities.
PEST [CM] -- parameter estimation for any model.
P-STAT [CM] -- an all-in-one statistics software package for social science researcher.
ROSTAT -- Fortran program for robust estimation of simple statistics.
S-PLUS [CM] -- exploratory data analysis and statistical data mining.
Shazam [CM] -- software for statistical techniques.
SGS -- a free geostatistical software tool.
Spacestatpack -- Fortran 90 program to estimate large scale spatial autoregressions using maximum likelihood.
Spatial Statistics Toolbox -- Matlab toolbox to estimate large scale spatial autoregressions using maximum likelihood.
Stata [CM] -- a general-purpose statistical package for researchers of all disciplines.
statist [GPL] -- a small, handy and terminal based statistics program.

StatistX [GPL] -- a graphical user interface to statist.
TSP [CM] -- language for the estimation and simulation of econometric models.
UNCERT -- uncertainty analysis and geostatistical software package.
ViSta -- visual statistics system.
xldlas [GPL] -- X11 based statistical application.
Xlisp-Stat -- extensible statistical computing environment for statistical data analysis.
xmstat[GPL] -- calculates commonly used statistical tests.

Also Check Out
[B/D] -- an interactive programming language allows analyses of Bayes linear statistical problems.
Biostatistics Software -- collection of software for biostatistics research.
DATAPLOT -- command driven program for data analysis.
Fudgit -- data manipulation, fitting, spline.
GAUSS [CM] -- a data analysis environment based on the GAUSS matrix language.
Glove -- data acquisition, manipulation and analysis program for UNIX/X.
Guppi [GPL] -- plotting data and performing simple statistical manipulations with GUI.
LIMDEP [CM] -- a complete package for estimating and analyzing econometric models.
Mx [GPL] -- a combination of a matrix algebra interpreter and a numerical optimizer.
NNFit -- a non-linear regression program based on multilayered neural network models.
Ox -- object-oriented matrix language similar to C/C++.
R[GPL] -- language for statistical calculations which runs most SPlus code.
RATS [CM] -- a econometrics/time-series analysis software package.
StatLib -- a system for distributing statistical software, datasets, and information.
XploRe -- an interactive statistical computing environment.
Z-IMAGE [CM] -- an interactive image analysis package with language similar to statistical package S.

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