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Ox is an object-oriented numerical and statistical programming system. At its core is a powerful matrix language, which is complemented by a comprehensive statistical library. Among the special features of Ox are its speed, well-designed language (based on C and C++), and graphical facilities. Ox can read and write many data formats, including spreadsheet and GiveWin files.

Code for function maximization, integration, Monte Carlo experimentation, and econometric modelling is included with Ox. Additional packages are available for fractionally integrated, state space, dynamic panel data, stochastic volatility and Markov-switching models.

Current Version:   2.2

License Type:   Free for Academic/Teaching Use;

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Targeted Platforms:

Linux, Windows NT/9x/3.1, Sun SPARC, DEC AXP, HP PA-RISC, IBM RS/6000, SGI

Software/Hardware Requirements:

Approx. 4 MB hard disk space.

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  • Two reviews have been published in academic journals:
    Journal of Applied Econometrics, January 1997.
    Economic Journal, January 1997.

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