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FFE is a Front End GUI for ODRPACK (Orthogonal Distance Regression Package, from Netlib). It was written in Tcl/Tk script. FFE offers functionalities of parameter fixing, weighting, ranges control, plotting, and multi-variate fitting. It was designed to ease the pain of performing non-linear fitting. External plotting through PlotMTV is also available.

Current Version:   1.2.1

License Type:   GPL

Home Site:

Source Code Availability:


Available Binary Packages:

  • Debian Package: N/A
  • RedHat RPM Package: N/A
  • Other Packages: N/A

Targeted Platforms:


Software/Hardware Requirements:

Tcl/Tk, Plotmtv, ODRPACK

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User Comments:

  • If there are too many data points (above 40 say), the weighting window can be difficult or even impossible to use. (

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