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ViSta --- The Visual Statistics System --- is a statistical system featuring state-of-the-art statistical visualization tools for communicating data structure and statistical analysis results, and for guiding and structuring the analysis process. ViSta is designed for a wide range of users.

ViSta is particularly useful for those learning statistics and their teachers. It is being used to teach:

  • Introductory Statistics
  • Multivariate Statistics
  • Computational Statistics
  • Graphical Statistics
ViSta is also being used for research and development in computational and graphical statistics.

ViSta is designed for an audience of users having a very wide range of data analysis sophistication, ranging from novice to expert. ViSta provides seamlessly integrated data analysis environments specifically tailored to the user's level of expertise.

  • Guidance is available for students and novices.
  • A structured graphical user interface is available for all users.
  • A menu interface is available for users who don't need guidance.
  • A command line interface is available for sophisticated users and those who don't like graphical interfaces.
  • Multivariate data analysis procedures are available for students in multivariate analysis.
  • The complete Lisp-Stat (Tierney, 1990) programming environment is available to researchers, graduate students and programmers who wish to extend ViSta's capabilities.
  • GuideTools are available for teachers and other experts to create guidance for students and novices.
  • Applets can be written for web-based distance learning.

Current Version:   4.29 (UNIX)

License Type:   Copyright 1997-1999 by Forrest W. Young. Freely redistributable. The complete copyright statement is here.

Home Site:

Mirror Sites:

HENSA (UK) | SunSite Vienna (Austria) | SSDA@ANU (Australia) | UNC (USA)

Mailing Lists/USENET News Groups: (join here).

Source Code Availability:

All source code is freely available.

Available Binary Packages:


Targeted Platforms:

Various Unix Platforms; Windows 95, 3.1 & NT; OS/2; Mac OS.

Software/Hardware Requirements:

No special requirements.

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