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Items Added in March/April, 2000:

Garlic [GPL] -- a free/open source molecular visualization program for UNIX/Linux.[2000/04/30]
ISee [CM] -- a complete image acquisition, processing, analysis and presentation software.[2000/04/30]
XEBOT [CM] -- rapid GUI application builder and self contained multi-platform.[2000/04/30]
VEGA -- to bridge between most molecular software and to manipulate 3D structures.[2000/04/30]
slen -- calculates de band structure of a semiconductor superlattices with Kronig-Penney method.[2000/04/30]
Ng-spice -- a project to build an open source analog circuit simulator.[2000/04/30]
cscope -- a tool for browsing C, C++ and Java code.[2000/04/30]
VisualOberon [GPL] -- a collection of classes written in the programming language Oberon-2.[2000/04/30]
deal.II -- a C++ library targeted at adaptive finite elements and error estimation.[2000/04/30]
Canvas [CM] -- vector drawing, technical illustration, image editing, etc. in one application.[2000/04/30]
Sodipodi [GPL] -- a small Vector based drawing program.[2000/04/30]
breplibrary [GPL] -- topological data structure implementation for representing surface of 3D solid.[2000/04/30]
CCMATH [GPL] -- a mathematics library coded in the C-language.[2000/04/30]
OpenGVS [CM] -- realtime 3D scene management software and graphics API.[2000/04/30]
SimGL -- OpenGL simulation graphics library for Quantum3D products.[2000/04/30]
Spice OPUS -- SPICE with integrated optimization utilities.[2000/04/30]
Ghemical [GPL] -- a molecular modelling software package with nice 3D-visualization tools.[2000/04/30]
Genpak [GPL] -- a set of small utilities to manipulate DNA sequences in a Unix fashion.[2000/04/30]
CCalc [GPL] -- formula parsing library & command-line calculator.[2000/04/30]
Cybozu Office [CM] -- a Web-based groupware suite offering easy, real-time collaboration and sharing.[2000/04/30]
Graphico [GPL] -- 3D graphics application programming interface (API).[2000/04/30]
gSculpt [GPL] -- a 3D modelling program using translational and rotational sweeps of polylines.[2000/04/30]
gdcalc [GPL] -- a GTK+-based Reverse Polish Notation calculator.[2000/04/30]
Groovy Java Genetic Programming [GPL] -- a strongly-typed genetic programming experimentation platform.[2000/04/30]
Antiword [GPL] -- converts the binary files from Word to plain text or PostScript
E-Cell -- a modeling and simulation environment for biochemical and genetic processes.
ATLAS -- a self-optimizing BLAS implementation.[2000/03/25]
HDLLint [CM] -- a powerful Lint program for Verilog and VHDL.[2000/03/25]
gocr [GPL] -- an optical character recognition software.[2000/03/25]
Populations [GPL] -- a population genetic software.[2000/03/25]
SixPack [GPL] -- a bibliography and reference manager.[2000/03/25]
J [GPL] -- a multifile, multiwindow programmer's editor written in Java.[2000/03/25]
aiSee -- calculates a customizable layout of graphs specified in GDL.[2000/03/25]
Overflow [GPL] -- a dataflow-oriented rapid development environment in C++.[2000/03/25]
Epsilon [CM] -- fast/powerful/customizable/extensible editor with EMACS and Brief key bindings.[2000/03/25]
PAG -- a Program Analyzer Generator which makes static program analysis easy.[2000/03/25]
TeXmacs [GPL] -- a WYSIWYG technical text editor.[2000/03/25]
aiCache -- statically analyze and understand the cache behavior of your tasks.[2000/03/25]
Microsat -- a microsatellite distance calculation program.[2000/03/25]
VMware [CM] -- a flexible and safe computing environment by providing multiple virtual computers on a single PC.[2000/03/25]
Pixies -- biomedical image series analysis with sophisticated tools.[2000/03/25]
PIGALE -- a graph editor and algorithm library concerned with planar graphs.[2000/03/25]
nuees -- perform ATD and classification.[2000/03/25]
qwen -- computes energy levels and wave functions in semiconductor quantum wells.[2000/03/25]
Process Scheduler Simulator [CM] -- graphical simulator of different processor scheduling policies.[2000/03/25]
SuperC [CM] -- Veritools adaptation of the SystemC simulator.[2000/03/25]
3Dshare [CM] -- Intranet-based CAD file translation and repair solution.[2000/03/25]
ProGenesis [CM] -- netlist-to-layout solution that incorporates your design style.[2000/03/25]
Threads [GPL] -- a C++ threads package.[2000/03/25]
Primal Form [GPL] -- a 3D modeler for UNIX under development.[2000/03/25]
JSQLVis [GPL] -- fast data visualization for SQL DBMS.[2000/03/25]
Jade [GPL] -- implementation of multi-agent systems through a FIPA-compliant middleware.[2000/03/25]
GXCalc [GPL] -- a programmable calculator with GTK+ interface for X.[2000/03/25]
BitGen -- converting digital bitstreams to analog voltage sources.[2000/03/25]
TET -- collection of test tools including a test harness and API for system testing.[2000/03/25]
iManager [GPL] -- image management and viewing utility.[2000/03/25]
GNOME Plotter [GPL] -- graphing calculator that can display equations given in Fortran.[2000/03/25]

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