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Items Added in November and December, 1999:

GAS -- a Python framework for applying genetic algorithms.[1999/12/17]
PIPE -- a novel technique for automatic program synthesis.[1999/12/17]
Newran -- a C++ random number library.[1999/12/17]
LIMP -- a C++ library for large image processing.[1999/12/17]
Colt -- open source libraries for high performance scientific computing in Java.[1999/12/17]
Open CASCADE [GPL] -- C++ components for 3D modeling applications.[1999/12/17]
Titanium -- a dialet of Java for large-scale scientific computing.[1999/12/17]
Xop -- an X-ray oriented program.[1999/12/17]
Pretty Poly ../[GPL] -- a cros-platform 3D model editor.[1999/12/17]
angif ../[GPL] -- a C library to generate LZW-free GIF format output.[1999/12/17]
C-XSC++ ../[GPL] -- a C++ class library for extended scientific computing.[1999/12/17]
XSC -- language extensions for scientific computation for modern numerical software.[1999/12/17]
tiny cobol ../[GPL] -- an effort to bring a free cobol compiler to Linux.[1999/12/17]
JBuilder 3 Foundation -- fast and robust IDE for Java application development.[1999/12/17]
Velocis ../[CM] -- cross-platform database server for e-Business, Web applications, industrial servers.[1999/12/17]
KAP/Pro Toolset ../[CM] -- complete OpenMP implementation with tools to add threading to existing software.[1999/12/17]
ISIS++ -- iterative scalable implicit solver in C++.[1999/12/17]
AMMP ../[GPL] -- a modern full-featured molecular mechanics, dynamics and modeling program.[1999/12/07]
ANA -- extensive, interactive data and image processing software package and language.[1999/12/07]
SEA -- 3D finite difference parallel code for ocean general circulation model.[1999/12/07]
GtkSheet ../[GPL] -- matrix widget for GTK+ suitable for spreadsheet-like GUI.[1999/12/07]
gstar -- a GTK frontend for the starchart program.[1999/12/07]
CADDA ../[CM] -- 2/3D Engineering CAD/CAM software for toolmaking, mouldmaking and mechanical engineering.[1999/12/07]
Stabie-Soft Software ../[CM] -- layout tools for the IC design industry.[1999/12/07]
OpenQubit/NewSpin ../[GPL] -- open project/code for quantum computing.[1999/12/07]
Hood -- a threads library for multiprogrammed multiprocessors.[1999/12/07]
Chemsuite ../[GPL] -- molecular 2/3D drawing and chemical reaction simulation software.[1999/12/07]
ALINKA ../[CM]../[GPL] -- management stuie for Linux clusters.[1999/12/07]
XLOOPS -- a program calculating Feynman diagrams.[1999/12/07]
SysQuake Viewer -- viewing and manipulating the graphics of SysQuake.[1999/12/07]
SCL -- C++ class libraries for representing information conforming to EXPRESS data specification.[1999/12/07]
DINO -- an interpreter with high level scripting dynamic-typed language.[1999/12/07]
C.A.MAN -- analyse mixtures of densities from the exponential family.[1999/12/07]
MLC++ -- C++ class library for supervised machine learning.[1999/12/07]
vhclmaps -- a package of map viewers and spatial data servers.[1999/12/07]
GiNaC ../[GPL] -- open framework for symbolic computation within C++.[1999/12/07]
AnimaBob -- an interactive volume rendering tool for generating movies.[1999/12/07]
Acalc [GPL] -- a console-based calculator capable of adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing.[1999/12/07]
OPIUM -- analysis of solution equilibria, determination of chemical model, etc.[1999/12/07]
NRC FuzzyJava Toolkit & FuzzyJess -- Java classes for handling fuzzy concepts and reasoning.[1999/12/07]
SNiFF+ Penguin IDE - free Linux C/C++ IDE.[1999/12/07]
Thoth -- a new project to emulate the human brain using PERL.[1999/12/07]
GRPN [GPL] -- a graphical reverse polish notation calculator.[1999/12/07]
GENBLIS -- genetic optimization and bootstrapping of linear structures.[1999/12/07]
MagicPoint -- an X11 based professional presentation tool.[1999/12/07]
TeamWARE Office ../[CM] -- groupware for office tasks and communicating with each other.[1999/12/07]
PSSlides ../[GPL] -- create presentations using a set of easy-to-use PostScript macros.[1999/12/07]
GDChart -- high performance library for creating charts and graphs in GIF format.[1999/12/07]
epsmerge/epssplit [GPL] -- merging or spliting Encapsulated Postscript files.[1999/11/24]
iOffice2000 [CM] -- web based ready-to-work groupware application suite.[1999/11/24]
MIT Photonic-Bands [GPL] -- compute band structures and electromagnetic modes of periodic dielecric structures.[1999/11/24]
Oregano [GPL] -- schematic capture and simulation of electrical circuits.[1999/11/24]
gif2png -- converts files from the obsolescent GIF to PNG formats.[1999/11/24]
gBiB [GPL] -- an interactive BibTeX database manager working with LyX.[1999/11/24]
libglobs [GPL] -- a set of C++ OpenGL object manipulation classes.[1999/11/24]
Lightflow Rendering Tools -- tools for advanced photorealistic rendering.[1999/11/24]
FlexGA [CM] -- a genetic algorithm toolbox to implement evolutionary algorithms.[1999/11/24]
Pervasive.SQL [CM] -- scalable DBMS designed to meet fast changing needs of the Internet.[1999/11/24]
Gnome Workshop [GPL] -- coll ection of productivity applications for the Gnome desktop.[1999/11/24]
Gnorponocal [GPL] -- full-featured keyboard based RPN calculator.[1999/11/24]
Snurbs [GPL] -- simple NURBS libaray and a viewer.[1999/11/24]
CVIPtools -- a software package for the exploration of computer vision and image processing.[1999/11/24]
HDF5 -- completely rewrite of the HDF portable binary format and supporting library.[1999/11/24]
JX Development Suite [CM] -- featured loaded package for Linux software development.[1999/11/24]
Axiom [CM] -- a computer algebra system with powerful symbolic solver.[1999/11/15]
PSIDE -- parallel software for implicit differential equations.[1999/11/15]
Calculator [GPL] -- simple command line calculator.[1999/11/15]
OpenBasic [GPL] -- Basic interpreter and run-time system similar to Basic Four Business Basic.[1999/11/15]
SDCC [GPL] -- a retargettable, optimizing ANSI-C compiler.[1999/11/15]
bernina -- interactive program with interface to a computer algebra library.[1999/11/15]
ipol -- a curve discretization tool.[1999/11/15]
delaundo -- a software tool for Delaunay triangulation.[1999/11/15]
gred [GPL] -- a small, easy-to-use, terminal-based text editor for Unix.[1999/11/15]
CDAT -- climate data analysis tool with visualization.[1999/11/15]
Koala [CM] -- a GUI for mixed mode simulation visualization and manipulaiton.[1999/11/15]
oo2c [GPL] -- Oberon-2 to ANSI-C translator.[1999/11/15]
LISP DEBUG [GPL] -- source level debugger with GUI for LISP program.[1999/11/15]
JavaParty -- an extension of Java with some important new features.[1999/11/15]
MOSEK [CM] -- solves linear, convex quadratic and general convex mathematical programs.[1999/11/15]
OutGuess -- a universal steganographic tool.[1999/11/15]
Tcl Blend -- a Tcl extension that provides access to Java inside Tcl.[1999/11/15]
Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 Express [CM] -- full Fortran 77, 90 and 95 language system.[1999/11/15]
TkNotePad -- a simple text editor like the Windows notepad.[1999/11/15]
Ploticus -- script-driven and non-interactive plotting software.[1999/11/15]
KOPI [GPL] -- a completely open source Java compiler.[1999/11/15]
MAX [CM] -- Xbase compiler with integrated database engine.[1999/11/15]
ObjecTrieve [CM] -- a library of C functions for efficiently manage ISAM files.[1999/11/15]
JNL -- a numerical library for Java.[1999/11/15]
CAM Expert [CM] -- CAD / CAM System for engraving and LASER cutting.[1999/11/15]
Adlib -- a C++ library implementing distributed array descriptor.[1999/11/15]
FramerD [GPL] -- a portable distributed object-oriented database for knowledge bases.[1999/11/15]

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