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Delaundo creates triangular grids based on the Frontal Delaunay Method (Frod). First the set of discretized curves that describe the boundary is triangulated. This initial mesh is suitable for interpolation of a local mesh size throughout the domain after a few modifications in the connections are made by the algorithm. New internal vertices are then created on frontal edges between well-shaped and ill-shaped triangles such that a new triangle with the desired size and a good shape will result.

Thus, the algorithm is similar to the various Delaunay methods in that the resulting triangulation observes a circum-circle criterion. It is also akin to Advancing Front methods in that new vertices are introduced in layers on the boundaries in a very regular fashion. The regularity of the point distribution and thus the element quality is enhanced by an averaging process that tends to choose an equilibrium position between competing edges when the front is refined or coarsenend.

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