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Items Added in January & February , 1999:

lpe [GPL] -- a very lightweight editor designed for programming.[1999/02/26]
Metro Extreme 3D [CM] -- OpenGL for accelerated 3D graphics.[1999/02/26]
DBMEdit -- a web-based DBM database editor.[1999/02/26]
Glace -- simulation and visualization of automata networks.[1999/02/26]
C++ NURBS Library [GPL] -- a C++ library for non-uniform rational B-splines curves and surfaces.[1999/02/26]
Font3D -- build 3D model with any TrueType font. [1999/02/26]
HOOPS 3D -- a robust graphics development components for high-end 3D applications. [1999/02/26]
ACL2 [GPL] -- programming language to model computer system and prove properties.[1999/02/26]
BILLNET [GPL] -- a fast and free neural network simulator.[1999/02/26]
ViPEC -- analysis of high frequency, linear electrical networks. [1999/02/26]
MAVERIK [GPL] -- managing display and interaction in virtual reality applications.[1999/02/23]
AlaDyn-3D -- dynamic simulation system with deformation and interactions.[1999/02/23]
ARCAD 3D [CM] -- a powerful CAAD program focused on 3D.[1999/02/23] [GPL] -- create bar charts in XFig files.[1999/02/23]
SPRING -- a GIS system supporting image processing, DTMs and vector data.[1999/02/23]
Strong Related DataBase [GPL] -- small relational database for educational purposes.[1999/02/23]
AME -- simulation models tool in ecology, forestry, agriculture and environmental science.[1999/02/23]
TVision -- help construct OO character-mode user interface in a short time.[1999/02/23]
GILT [GPL] -- a text oriented vector drawing program.[1999/02/18]
GTL -- a graph library based on STL. [1999/02/18]
RiverTools [CM] -- help hydrologists view and process digital elevation model (DEM) data.[1999/02/18]
Rumbaugh OO Drawing -- aconstructor of Rumbaugh OO Diagrams.[1999/02/18]
Pliant [GPL] -- a programming language framework and a new generation of language.[1999/02/18]
gIDE [GPL] -- gtk-based Integrated Development Environment for C. [1999/02/18]
XYPLOT [GPL] -- a plottig and data analysis tool.[1999/02/18]
Berkeley VIA -- a high-performance implementation of the Virtual Interface Architecture. [1999/02/18]
TART -- neutron-photon 3D Monte Carlo transport code. [1999/02/18]
PLOTTAB -- general purpose plotting code for discrete and/or continuous data.[1999/02/19]
KNOT [GPL] -- a graphical tool for knot theory/topology.[1999/02/19]
macopt -- a conjugate gradient optimizer written in C/C++.[1999/02/19]
VuSystem -- programming system for dynamic manipulation of temporally sensitive data.[1999/02/19]
The Remote Microscope -- remotely controllable optical microscope over the Internet. [1999/02/19]
SoftModeler/Business [CM] -- an enterprise Java modeling tool for business software developers.[1999/02/19]
MIMER -- high performance RDBMS for mission-critical client/server environments.[1999/02/19]
GNU Classpath [GPL] -- a free software replacement for Sun's propretary Java core class libraries.[1999/02/19]
anton [GPL] -- an arithmetical game.[1999/02/05]
EasySpeech -- a continuous-speech speaker-dependent automatic speech recognition software.[1999/02/05]
EARS -- an object-oriented speech recognition software for Linux.[1999/02/05]
Rational Reducer [CM] -- a new polygon reduction technology speeds up 3D rendering.[1999/02/05]
dicom2 -- converting medical images and DICOM files to various other formats.[1999/02/05]
LAPACK-D [GPL] -- dynamically loadable version of LAPACK library. [1999/02/05]
argtable [GPL] -- programmer's library for command line arguments parsing in C or C++. [1999/02/05]
PMesa extension of Mesa library with multiprocessor geometry transformations.[1999/02/05]
gnotepad+ [GPL] -- -- an easy-t-use and feature-rich simple text editor for UNIX/X11.[1999/02/05]
THX-1138 -- an approximation to electronic paper which evaluates expressions, plots functions.[1999/02/05]
Glove -- data acquisition, manipulation and analysis program for UNIX/X.[1999/02/05]
ORAC [GPL] -- a molecular dynamics program to simulate solvated biomolecules. [1999/02/05]
MPI-2 C++ -- implementation of C++ bindings for MPI.[1999/02/05]
jCrunch [CM] -- Java class libraries for robust and fast mathematical capabilities.[1999/02/05]
Terraform [GPL] -- a height field manipulation program.[1999/01/16]
mwanova [GPL] -- multi-way analysis of variance of balanced data sets.[1999/01/16]
barracuda [GPL] -- a BibTeX database manager.[1999/01/16]
ClustalW -- multiple alignments of DNA or protein sequences.[1999/01/16]
fastDNAml -- construction of phylogenetic trees of DNA sequences.[1999/01/16]
MagSolve -- interactive finite element programs for 2D static magnetic field problems.[1999/01/24]
GFS [GPL] -- development project for a serverless file system.[1999/01/24]
VNC [GPL] -- a remote display system to view a computing desktop environment.[1999/01/24]
VuSystem -- a programming system for the dynamic manipulation of temporally sensitive data.[1999/01/24]
TURBOMOLE -- a package for ab initio electronic structure calculations.[1999/01/25]
PVRG-MPEG -- MPEG encoder and decoder.[1999/01/25]
Micro Tools for Linux -- development tools for Atmel AVR micro-controllers.[1999/01/25]
aee -- easy to use text editor to be used with little or no instruction. [1999/01/25]
Matwrap -- a wrapper generator for matrix languages. [1999/01/25]
Tuba -- a debugger for Tcl/Tk/Itcl programs.[1999/01/10]
HCL [GPL] -- a C++ class library to implement vectors and linear operators.[1999/01/10]
UltraScan -- data analysis package for sedimentation velocity and equilibrium experiments.[1999/01/11]
GTKWave [GPL] -- a wave viewer which reads AET files and allows their viewing.[1999/01/11]
TiMBL -- a program implementing several Memory-Based Learning techniques.[1999/01/11]
OCRchie -- a modular optical character recognition software.[1999/01/11]
VOTE -- a portable spreadsheet project.[1999/01/11]
SOLVATE -- construct an atomic solvent environment model for MD simulation. [1999/01/11]
Kibble -- organize seemingly discursive thoughts into a cohesive engine. [1999/01/11]
Spanner -- a glue/scripting/prototyping programming language.[1999/01/11]
Mooring Design and Dynamics -- design/evaluation of single point oceanographic moorings and mooring data. [1999/01/11]
SPEM -- a finite difference ocean circulation model and code.[1999/01/11]
XelCAD -- an X-based application, designed to create electrical circuit layouts.[1999/01/04]
Gnumeric [GPL] -- a spreadsheet for GNOME desktop environment.[1999/01/04]
Emerald -- a distributed programming language with a style similar to Java.[1999/01/04]
ycalc -- an X-window calculator which is heavily influenced by TI-59.[1999/01/04]
PMR -- a simple 3D rendering/editing tool.[1999/01/04]
mg^2 [GPL] -- a 3D modeller using Gtk and OpenGL.[1999/01/04]
Xmmx [GPL] -- a portable programmer's text editor.[1999/01/04]
VCHE -- a hex editor which lets you see all 256 characters.[1999/01/04]
3dPM [GPL] -- a modeller for POV-RAY using Qt.[1999/01/04]
MVPoly -- a multi-variable polynomial algebra package in Perl.[1999/01/04]
ASITIC [SR] -- analysis of Si inductors and transformers for ICs. [1999/01/05]

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