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Items Added in July & August, 1998:

FPLOT -- plot ASCII data file into postscript file for printing or viewing.[1998/08/26]
Queue [GPL] -- a load-balancing/distributed batch processing and local rsh replacement system.[1998/08/26]
Avatar Job Scheduling System -- a robust job scheduling application suite.[1998/08/26]
Image/J -- a Java based image processing program inspired by NIH Image for Macintosh.[1998/08/26]
Varimetrix [CM] -- a suite of CAD/CAM/CAE software modules for the design and manufacture of complex mechanical components and assemblies.[1998/08/26]
Dia [GPL] -- gtk+ based drawing program similar to 'Visio' on MS-Windows.[1998/08/26]
Abacus -- a spreadsheet written using Tcl/Tk and C++/C.[1998/08/26]
pryzm [CM] -- a CDE-based text editor and browser.[1998/08/26]
Panard Vision [CM] -- a high quality 3D real-time and portable rendering engine.[1998/08/26]
Xref-Speller -- Emacs and Vedit macros closely cooperating with C and Java cross referencer.[1998/08/18]
Siag Office [GPL] -- an office package with word processor, spreadsheet and presentation graphics.[1998/08/18]
E [GPL] -- a purely equational theorem prover for clausal logic.[1998/08/18]
FOX [GPL] -- a C++ based library for development of graphical user interfaces.[1998/08/18]
kWorldEd [GPL] -- a 3d modeler for KDE in early development.[1998/08/18]
3D-MasterSuite [CM] -- collection of integrated OO classes for interactive 3D graphics applications.[1998/08/18]
GASP/GUST [CM] -- general aerodynamic simulation, unstructured flow solver and grid generator.[1998/08/18]
PSPP (originally named Fiasco) [GPL] -- a program for statistical analysis of sampled data.[1998/08/18]
VEDIT PLUS [CM] -- a fast, multi-purpose and univerasal file editor.[1998/08/18]
StudioJ [CM] -- integrated Java components for data analysis/charting/database access.[1998/08/18]
Elixir IDE [CM] -- a programmer's IDE with scripting egines and version control systems.[1998/08/18]
JavaNumerics -- information about high-performance scientific computing using Java.[1998/08/18]
AbiWord [GPL] -- an Open Source word processor under development.[1998/08/18]
SCNN -- an universal simulating system for Celluar Neural Networks.[1998/08/18]
geg [GPL] -- a GTK+ based simple equation grapher.[1998/08/18]
seesat5 [GPL] -- a program for predicting satellite visability.[1998/08/11]
Mozart -- a distributed programming language for symbolic and reactive programming.[1998/08/11]
QccPack [GPL] -- quantization, compression, and coding library.[1998/08/11]
UC [SR] -- a unit calculator with easy to use interface.[1998/08/11]
NICO -- an artificial neural network toolkit designed for speech recognition.[1998/08/11]
locus -- a fulltext database engine for Linux.[1998/08/11]
dismal -- a character mode spreadsheet runs inside the Emacs editor.[1998/08/11]
GQview/GQmpeg [GPL] -- an image browser and a simple front end to mpg123.[1998/08/11]
Superficie [GPL] -- a small program allows to visualize 3D surfaces.[1998/08/11]
MathGL3d -- interactive OpenGL based 3d graphics viewer for Mathematica.[1998/08/11]
GtkGLArea [GPL] -- an OpenGL widget for Gtk+ GUI toolkit.[1998/08/11]
Fasta -- biological sequence analysis including programs for library search, local homology.[1998/08/11]
AMC -- a compiler of C with model and object-oriented functionality.[1998/08/11]
INFORMIX-SE [CM] -- a multi-user client/server SQL-based database engine.[1998/08/11]
jawRay -- an experimental multiplatform raytracer written in C++.[1998/07/29]
OSE -- a collection of programming tools and class libraries targeted mainly at C++ programmers.[1998/07/29]
AISearch -- a C++ class library for developing problem solving AI software.[1998/07/29]
Source-Navigator [CM] -- an integrated development environment for programming.[1998/07/29]
BVP Software -- solving boundary value problem for ODE.[1998/07/29]
ADAPTOR -- a High Performance Fortran compilation system.[1998/07/29]
ALGON -- an open C-macro package for developping Genetic Algorithms.[1998/07/29]
OpenC++ -- a version of C++ with Metaobject Protocol.[1998/07/29]
Mgsor -- a tutorial solver for Laplace/Poisson equations with multigrid methods.[1998/07/29]
KLIC -- an implementation of a concurrent logic programming language KL1.[1998/07/29]
P-STAT [CM] -- an all-in-one statistics software package for social science researcher.[1998/07/29]
Object REXX -- a scripting language which is easy to learn and read.[1998/07/22]
Invariant [GPL] -- a C++ library for software debugging and automatic consistancy checking.[1998/07/22]
Genetic LISREL [GPL] -- a evolutionary program which estimates LISREL models.[1998/07/22]
MathXplorer/T -- provides matrix-based numerical analysis capabilities within Tcl.[1998/07/22]
MathXplorer/JS [SR] -- a distributed math server providing matlab-compatible numerical calculation.[1998/07/22]
RAY++ -- a collection of C++ classes for raytracing.[1998/07/22]
DragonRay -- a ray tracing engine similar to POVRay.[1998/07/22]
VORT -- collection of tools and library for image rendering/manipulation.[1998/07/22]
SART -- a guile library for raytracing and high-complexity 3d modelling.[1998/07/22]
Yoga [GPL] -- GNU replacement for Lotus Notes.[1998/07/22]
GroupKit -- a Tcl/Tk groupware toolkit for building real-time applications.[1998/07/22]
Jikes -- faster Java compilers that adheres to languages and virtual machine specifications.[1998/07/22]
RSICC -- computer software and data sets in the areas of radiation transport and safety.[1998/07/22]
MoCalc -- a simple calculator written entirely in Tcl/Tk.[1998/07/15]
CViz -- Java based visualization tool for high-dimensional, large, complex data sets.[1998/07/15]
paintlib -- a C++ class library for image file decoding and manipulation.[1998/07/15]
libffm -- fast and free math routines for Linux/AXP.[1998/07/15]
ABACUS [CM] -- a block based software for real time process control.[1998/07/15]
Mersenne Twister -- a fast pseudorandom number generator.[1998/07/15]
DICTRA [CM] -- simulation of diffusion controlled transformations in multicomponent systems.[1998/07/15]
JGV -- a Java program for 3D viewing.[1998/07/15]
GAOT [GPL] -- genetic algorithm optimization toolbox for Matlab.[1998/07/15]
g2 [GPL] -- an easy to use, portable and powerful 2D graphics library.[1998/07/15]
GWP [GPL] -- a Gtk based word processor for GNOME project.[1998/07/15]
TurboJ -- a high perfromacne Java compiler.[1998/07/15]
CyberScheduler [CM] -- an internet-based calendaring and scheduling solution for workgroups.[1998/07/15]
Grace [GPL] -- an easy to use and powerful 2D plotting software.[1998/07/15]
CLN [GPL] -- a C++ class library for numbers.[1998/07/15]
Pipewave -- a suite of programs for digital signal processing and auditory modelling.[1998/07/02]
EO -- an ANSI-C++ compliant evolutionary computation library.[1998/07/02]
HOPS -- processing data in netCDF files conforming to NCAR-CCM or NCAR Ocean Model format.[1998/07/02]
PLinda -- provides a combination of checkpointing and transaction support during parallel programming.[1998/07/02]
ESS [GPL] -- an Emacs-Lisp interface for interactive statistical programming and data analysis.[1998/07/02]
ALE -- a logic programming and grammar parsing/generation system.[1998/07/02]
Strata [GPL] -- a geology package for ocean basin modelling and display.[1998/07/02]
Instant Basic for Java [CM] -- pure Java certified 4GL tool similar to Visual Basic.[1998/07/02]
Instant Installer [CM] -- produces a universal installer that will run on all the Java platforms.[1998/07/02]
Instant Converter [CM] -- converts BASIC source code to Java source code.[1998/07/02]
iMake [CM] -- a platform independent make processor written entirely in Java.[1998/07/02]
iPP [CM] -- a platform independent preprocessor written entirely in Java.[1998/07/02]
Camera -- a FITS image display and analysis tool for UNIX.[1998/07/02]
HyTech -- an automatic tool for the analysis of embedded systems.[1998/07/02]
crw [GPL] -- an easy to learn, easy to use, command line oriented calculator.[1998/07/02]
SVMlib -- an emulation library of shared memory in a distributed memory environment.[1998/07/02]
Zgv [GPL] -- a graphic file viewer for VGA and SVGA displays.[1998/07/02]
CVM -- a distributed shared memory (DSM) software system.[1998/07/02]
JIAJIA -- a software distributed shared memory system.[1998/07/02]
PadFEM -- an OO environment for parallel adaptive finite element simulations.[1998/07/02]
HOPDM -- solving large scale linear and convex quadratic programming problems.[1998/07/02]

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