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Items Added in September, 1997:

xbvl -- a Lisp dialect.[1997/09/24]
SM [CM] -- an interactive plotting programme with a flexible command language.[1997/09/24]
GRS -- a graphic tool for genome retrieval and segment analysis.[1997/09/24]
XEMR -- a software package for electron magnetic resonance (EMR) spectroscopists.[1997/09/24]
PTOC -- ANSI/Turbo Pascal to C/C++ converter with BGI graphics library emulation.[1997/09/24]
Ted -- a small and powerful text editor for X window.[1997/09/24]
jas -- a Java bytecode assembler. [1997/09/24]
Jasmin [GPL] -- a Java assembler interface.[1997/09/24]
APSCU [SR] -- a simple scale conversion utility for the average scale modeler. [1997/09/24]
Montage -- a serial-reconstruction package that reconstructs serial data in 3 dimensions.[1997/09/24]
ESCHER -- an NF2 database editor wich supports visualization.[1997/09/18]
RICHplot -- a Java applet program to plot trigonometric functions.[1997/09/18]
Jess -- a clone of the core of the CLIPS expert system shell, written in Java.[1997/09/18]
Mule [GPL] -- a multilingual enhancement to GNU Emacs.[1997/09/18]
mxedit -- an editor based on Tcl/Tk.[1997/09/18]
tkedit -- an X11 oriented editor entirely written in Tcl/Tk.[1997/09/18]
text_deriv -- a package designed to do simple symbolic derivatives.[1997/09/18]
Pentium Optimized BLAS [GPL] -- to develop optimized BLAS implementation for Intel Pentium platforms.[1997/09/18]
POVTextureEditor [GPL] -- edits POV-ray texture, pigment, colormap and color description interactively.[1997/09/18]
draw-call-graph [GPL] -- transforms a call graph in text form into postscript or LaTeX source file.[1997/09/18]
IPM -- an interface for taking performance statistics over an "interval" of a code's execution.[1997/09/14]
PHiPAC -- BLAS-compatible matrix-matrix multiply generator using portable high performance ANSI C. [1997/09/14]
JStrack -- a hurricane tracking program.[1997/09/14]
GEMPACK [CM] -- economic modelling software especially for general and partial equilibrium models.[1997/09/14]
j2c -- a translator from java .class to C program. [1997/09/14]
WNLIB -- a C subroutine library that contains numerous tools useful for programming pratice.[1997/09/14]
magnum [GPL] -- a C++ library of fast factorisation algorithms for univariate polynomials.[1997/09/14]
xtent -- a simple function oriented language for creating X-based applications.[1997/09/14]
xsqlmenu -- a powerful frontend for the Mini SQL database engine.[1997/09/15]
GPsys -- a Java based genetic programming system.[1997/09/15]
Dotter -- a dot-matrix program with greyscale rendering for genomic DNA and Protein sequence analysis.[1997/09/15]
Freedom VR [GPL] -- a Java applet for image navigations.[1997/09/15]
Rivl -- a multimedia processing language.[1997/09/15]
GeometryID -- a new method of system identification (ID) based on geometry.[1997/09/15]
statist [GPL] -- a small, handy and terminal based statistics program.[1997/09/09]
MINOS [GPL] -- a GUI framework written in Forth. [1997/09/09]
Dynace -- an object-oriented extension to C.[1997/09/09]
xed an interactive texteditor for X based on the Athena widgets.[1997/09/09]
fv -- a graphical tool for viewing and editing the FITS format file.[1997/09/09]
Possum [GPL] -- a tool for manipulation and visualisation of partially ordered sets (posets) and domains.[1997/09/09]
xmad/xmana [GPL] -- data acquisition and analyzing programs. [1997/09/09]
xmbibtex [GPL] -- a reference manager based on the BibTeX file format.[1997/09/09]
STIL [GPL] -- a style sheet language to create structure-controlled SGML applications.[1997/09/09]
sdc -- a formater for SGML documents.[1997/09/09]
Delve -- data for evaluating learning in valid experiments.[1997/09/09]
RSM [CM] -- code quality analysis and metrics for ISO9001 and SEI certifications. [1997/09/09]
xmstat[GPL] -- calculates commonly used statistical tests.[1997/09/04]
Xm++ -- an user interface framework for the C++ language.[1997/09/04]
Distributed Parallelization at CWP -- some parallel codes for seismic processing.[1997/09/04]
FREE Visual Tcl/Tk Project [GPL] -- a cross platform, visual, rapid application development environment for Tcl/Tk.[1997/09/04]
Democritos -- a set of C++ classes with support for bioinformatics and computational chemistry.[1997/09/04]
BRU[CM][GPL] -- full featured backup software solutions for home and commercial use.[1997/09/04]
fofx [GPL] -- function grapher for character-cell terminals.[1997/09/04]
TINA -- algorithm development libraries for vision algorithm development and evaluation.[1997/09/04]
wamcc -- a Prolog Compiler which translates Prolog to C.[1997/09/04]
NXLib [GPL] -- Intel Paragon parallel programming environment on a network of workstations.[1997/09/04]

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