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ESCHER is a database editor which supports visualization in non-standard applications in engineering, science, tourism and the entertainment industry. It was originally based on the extended nested relational data model and serves as a research platform into areas such as multimedia and visual information systems, QBE-like queries, computer-supported concurrent work (CSCW) and novel storage techniques.

ESCHER is developed by the database research group at the department of mathematics and computer science at the University Gesamthochschule Kassel, Germany.

Current Version:   ??

License Type:   Public Domain

Home Site:

Source Code Availability:   Yes

Available Binary Packages:

  • Debian Package:   No
  • RedHat RPM Package:   No
  • Other Packages:   No

Targeted Platforms:

UNIX and OSF/Motif (tested on AIX and Linux)

Software/Hardware Requirements:

ESCHER has been written in C and the ESCHER user interface was build on X11R4 using the Motif widget set.

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