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Typesetting is a different way of document preparation than word processing. It is not WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Instead, it's kind of like writing a computer code, you specify the document structure, layout format, character properties, etc. by a collection of commands, along with the content of your writing, within a text editor. Then the document is processed (compiled) by the typesetting programs to produce viewable/printable files. It is the command driven syntax and the editing/compiling/viewing/printing cycle that many people do not find enjoyable.

The most well-known typesetting system is probably TeX/LaTeX, which has been widely used by mathematicians and many engineers, because of its high printing quality of the documents (especially those which have mathematical formule) that can not be matched by most word processors. Furthermore, the documents are highly portable and can be processed on any machine (from PC to Supercomputer) with the free TeX/LaTeX system installed. TeX/LaTeX system comes with most Linux distributions, and I assume every Linux user is familar with it. This section covers some related software of TeX/LaTeX, and some other typesetting systems.

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Typesetting & Formating   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

AFT -- a document preparation system which requires very little mark up.
bibtool [GPL] -- a small tool to help maintain BibTeX files.
Cost -- a general-purpose SGML post-processing tool.
DocuGen -- collection of tools that help you more easily create complex documents.
NEW eXtrans [GPL] -- a high level framework to generate any format from XML documents.
gBiB [GPL] -- an interactive BibTeX database manager working with LyX.
Hevea -- a LaTeX to HTML translator.
HotEqn -- a Java applet to view/display math equations on the web.
IDVI -- present TeX document (dvi) on the web.
InfoPrism [GPL] -- a document processing system that translates SGML files to different formats.
KLyX [GPL] -- the KDE document processor based on LyX.
LaTeX2HTML -- a LaTeX to HTML converter.
Latte -- simple and powerful language for including markup in text.
Lollipop [GPL] -- macro package that functions as a toolbox for writing TeX macros.
Lout [GPL] -- document formatting system (similar in style to LaTeX) produces a PostScript file.
LyX [GPL] -- word-processor for X11, using LaTeX(2e) to format the output.
MathSpad Editor -- an editing tool developed to facilitate writing mathematically oriented documents.
Quikscript -- portable typesetting system, written in PostScript.
rotfl [GPL] -- a simple text-formatting language.
sdc -- a formater for SGML documents.
SDF -- documentation system based on markup language and can output in multiple formats.
Selathco -- a simple extensible LaTeX To HTML Converter.
SGML-TOOLS -- text-formatting package generates various formats from a single source.

TEItools [GPL] -- converts SGML to various output formats.
Sixpack [GPL] -- a bibTeX and reference manager.
SP -- an object-oriented toolkit for SGML parsing and entity management.
STIL [GPL] -- a style sheet language to create structure-controlled SGML applications.
techexplorer Hypermedia Browser [CM] -- enabling the display of TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents on web.
TeX Shell -- facilities to perform TeX/LaTeX editing/compiling/viewing cycle.
TeXShell for X-Window -- TeX Shell for X-windows using Tcl/Tk.
TkTeX -- Tk-based interface to the UN*X tools related to TeX.
X-Window Shell for TeX[GPL] -- OpenLook or Xaw/Xaw3d based TeX Shell
xtem[GPL] -- a graphical user interface to control the TeX/LaTeX facilities.
TeXmacs [GPL] -- a WYSIWYG technical text editor.
UDO [SR] -- converts its own format into many other (hyper-)text formats.
VTeX/Lnx -- a partial port of the VTeX/Win TeX compiler to Linux.
WebEQ -- creating and displaying interactive scientific Web documents.
word2x [GPL] -- convert MS Word 6 file into text or LaTeX format.
xindy [GPL] -- an index processor that can be used to generate book-like indexes.
NEW Xmath -- an WYSWYG mathematical expression editor for X Window.
xmbibtex [GPL] -- a reference manager based on the BibTeX file format.
x-symbol -- an Emacs semi WYSIWYG for LaTeX.
Xy-pic [GPL] -- typesetting a variety of graphs and diagrams for TeX.
YODL [GPL] -- a pre-document language and tools to process it.

Also Check Out:
barracuda [GPL] -- a BibTeX database manager.
dvi2gif -- tools to convert dvi file into gif format.
FWEB -- a WEB system of structured documentation for multiple languages.
Thot -- structured document editor, offering a graphical WYSIWYG interface.

Other Resources:

LaTeX: A document preparation system

Word Processing and Text Processing

(La)TeX navigator -- a (La)TeX encyclopaedia

Here is a document that shows how to combine text, pictures, figures and images in a LaTeX document.

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