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A word processor helps one prepare articles, letters, and anything that need to be printed on papers. It is usually WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and has many friendly integrated features, like spelling checker, format templates, rulers, ... etc. I think the importance of a word processor is often overemphasized, because there are many people do their writting without it, and use a Typesetting system instead while never thinking about making the change (I am one of them).

This section also has several desktop publishing (DTP) software which has better text/graphics integrating interfaces and better layout controlling features.

Since Office Suites might also contain Word Processor program, that section might also worth a check.

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Word Processing & Publishing   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

AbiWord [GPL] -- an Open Source word processor under development.
Antiword [GPL] -- converts the binary files from Word to plain text or PostScript.
ChinesePower -- user friendly WYSIWYG east Asia word processor on X window.
Cicero -- word processor with mulitple fonts at any size.
Corel WordPerfect for UNIX -- a full-featured word processor.
Didot -- publishing software package.
Doc from InterView Package -- WYSIWYG document editor.
Dtop [CM] -- Chinese-English WYSWYG desktop publishing package.
EMSL Publisher -- a Java based word processor and presentation tool.
Ez -- edits text and graphics and can be used as a word processor.
Adobe Framemaker -- create and manage complex documents for technical publishing.
GLUe [GPL] -- intended to be a WYSIWYG, object-oriented, extensible page-layout application.
GWP [GPL] -- a Gtk based word processor for GNOME project.
ImPress -- a multi-function WYSIWYG layout tool.
KPresenter [GPL] -- the presentation application of KOffice, the office package of KDE.
MagicPoint -- an X11 based professional presentation tool.
Maxwell [GPL] -- a fully featured word processor for Linux.
MSWordView -- a Word 8 converter for Unix.
Ovation [CM] -- a feature loaded presentation graphics application for UNIX.
PAPyRUS [GPL] -- word processor with OSF/Motif GUI.
Perl Projector [GPL] -- a slide-presentation program written in Perl/Tk.
PSSlides [GPL] -- create presentations using a set of easy-to-use PostScript macros.
Pathetic Writer [GPL] -- an X-based word processor for Unix.
SciTeXt -- word processor for UNIX systems with many handy features.
Slidedraw [SR] -- a simple presentation slide editor.
Thot -- structured document editor, offering a graphical WYSIWYG interface.
WAZO [SR] -- easy-to-use word processor that can be operated with only one function key.
XAllWrite [CM] -- a word-processor for creating excellent quality documents with ease.
XCLAMATION [CM] -- desktop publishing application.

Also Check Out
Lyx[GPL] -- word-processor for X11, using LaTeX(2e) to format the output.
Slidedraw [GPL] -- a drawing program in Tcl/Tk for presentation slides.
word2x [GPL] -- convert MS Word 6 file into text or LaTeX format.

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