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Quikscript is a portable typesetting system, written in PostScript. It enables documents to be prepared on any type of hardware or operating system, using visible layout marks to control the appearance of the output, and produce output on a PostScript printer by despatching Qs and the document file to the device. No processing is performed by the host hardware; all processing is done within the printer. If a non-PostScript must be used, a freely available PostScript interpreter such as GhostScript can be used to print or preview a Quikscript document.

The basic features are as easy to learn as HTML, allowing easy mastery of layout of general documents. However, because Quikscript is written in PostScript, it is possible for people experienced in PostScript to embed PostScript fragments within a document, giving complete control over form and layout, and precision of placement of any component.

It is also suitable as a portable formatter for database output, and has been used to format telephone bills. It has also been used to format advertisements, with Quikscript embedded in an EPS file.

Current Version:   1998/Jan/15

License Type:  

Source code is freely available for non-commercial use. Commercial licences are available from the author.

Home Site:

Source Code Availability:   Yes (from Home Site)

Available Binary Packages:

Quikscript runs in its source-code form; there is no need for a binary. Some C programs are provided to make it easier to use; these are in source code only.

Targeted Platforms:


Software/Hardware Requirements:

It is most conveniently used with GhostScript, which is available on Unix, MS-Windows, MS-DOS, and Macintosh. Otherwise, it requires a PostScript printer.

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User Comments:

  • "thanks for your help. It works now. Nice Program! Greetings from Vienna, Stefan"
  • "I'm writing to tell you how easy it was to use Qs for writing a personal letter,... Bruce, Wheaton, IL 60187"
  • "Thank you for your attention and the elegant work of QUICKSCRIPT. John, Ashland, Ohio 44805"

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