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GIS - Geographic Information Systems are the combination of data management with content and locational indexing, and spatial representation and analysis techniques to facilitate the understanding of real-world entities in their context and interactions. GIS, therefore, records objects in terms of their location and characteristics, and provides analysis and display tools to permit the modeling of the objects and the further modeling of the effects of changes to the characteristics and/or location of the objects upon both themselves and the surrounding environment. GIS techniques involve elements of database systems, cartography, statistical and other analytical processes, computer graphics, and general geographic awareness.

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Geographic Information Systems   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

drawmap [GPL] -- draws maps of the USA using data from the USGS.
fGIS [GPL] -- functional GIS with functional data model.
GeoTools [GPL] -- Java toolkit for developing interactive geographical maps.
Geotouch -- 3D GIS for geology and geophysics.
GFC -- geographic foundation C++ class library.
GIS_parser [GPL] -- GIS ARCVIEW parser.
GMAP [GPL] --a map viewer with emphasis on temporal data.
GrADS -- an interactive tool for the analysis and display of earth science data.
GRASS [GPL] -- set of programs designed to provide digitizing, image processing, map production, and GIS.
GRASS-XMI [CM] -- a simple, low-cost, and user-friendly tool for GRASS.
Hipparchus [CM] -- a toolkit for incorporating geography into applications.
Mayko Xmap -- a map viewing program for raster and vector based maps.
OpenEV [GPL] -- a library/application for viewing and analysing raster/vector geospatial data.
SAIF -- software related to Spatial Archive and Interchange Format (SAIF) file.
SPRING -- a GIS system supporting image processing, DTMs and vector data.
NEW tkgeomap [GPL] -- Tcl/Tk extension for handling geographic data.
TNT [CM] -- set of advanced software for geospatial analysis.
vhclmaps -- a package of map viewers and spatial data servers.
Zebra -- software system for ingesting, storing, integrating, and visualizing geophysical data.

Also Check Out:
NEW cv -- interactive HDF/HDF-EOS visualization tool from the U.S. Geological Survey.
GLand -- a simple landscape viewer for OpenGL.
MicroStation 95 [CM] -- professional software for enterprise-scale engineering projects.
RiverTools [CM] -- help hydrologists view and process digital elevation model (DEM) data.
SHAPES [CM] -- a tool that uniquely satisfies the geometry requirements of applications that span many industries.

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