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Zebra is a software system for ingesting, storing, integrating, and visualizing geophysical data, during both the real-time analysis and feedback phase of a project and during postprocessing. It was designed and developed by the Reseach Data Program for field project control and post-project analysis, principally to manage and visualize data from a wide variety of meteorological instruments and platforms, including satellites, weather station mesonets, radar, soundings, aircraft, global and mesoscale models, profilers, and simple scalar instruments. Zebra also supports oceanographic platforms such as ship tracks, CTD depth and cross-section plots, and buoy networks. Zebra visualization capability includes horizontal plots in one of several map projections; skew-T log-P diagrams; vertical cross-sections of 3-D model and gridded data; vertical sounding cross-sections; and time series, time-height, and general 2-D plotting. Model data can be selectively displayed by either forecast or valid times, and all plot types support interactive movies.

Current Version:   4.2

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Sun SPARC, HP, SGI, Linux/386

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