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BMRT (The Blue Moon Rendering Tools) are a collection of rendering programs which adhere to the RenderMan(R) interface standard (RenderMan is a registered trademark of Pixar). The toolkit consists of a full implementation of the RenderMan standard which supports ray tracing, radiosity, area light sources, texture and environment mapping, programmable shading in the RenderMan Shading Language, motion blur, automatic ray cast shadows, CSG, depth of field, support of imager and volume shaders, and other advanced features. The toolkit also contains quick RIB previewers (using GL or X11) to allow "pencil tests" of scenes and animations.

Current Version:   2.6

License Type:   shareware and free for academic and other non-commercial use.

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Source Code Availability:   No

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SGI, Linux (Intel and Alpha), FreeBSD, HP, NEXTSTEP, Sun SPARC

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