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Items Added in July/August, 2000:

IDA -- an interprocedural analyser for Fortran 90 and HPF programs.[2000/08/18]
IBM Optimization Solutions and Library[CM] [2000/08/18]
PolyLib -- operates on objects made up of unions of polyhedra of any dimension.[2000/08/18]
Modelistic [CM] -- help build stronger OO models in less time with Java.[2000/08/18]
Stars [GPL] -- an interactive star atlas software.[2000/08/18]
starchart [GPL] -- draws maps of things in the sky.[2000/08/18]
matlisp -- a package for Common Lisp for handling matrics computation.[2000/08/18]
Chorale ToolBox [GPL] -- numerical toolbox for Matlab/Octave.[2000/08/18]
EIDORS [GPL] -- electrical impedance tomography and diffusion based optical tomography reconstruction.[2000/08/18]
PPBB -- parallelize sequential Branch-and-Bound algorithms for several architectures.[2000/08/18]
bob++ -- C+ classes for sequential or parallel search algorithms for optimization.[2000/08/18]
NEFCLASS -- data analysis by neuro-fuzzy models.[2000/08/18]
TAMC -- generate Fortran source for 1st order derivatives out of a Fortran routines.[2000/08/18]
GeoTools [GPL] -- Java toolkit for developing interactive geographical maps.[2000/08/18]
LinkCAD [CM] -- an all-in-one converter for DXF, RS274X, GDS-II, CIF, PostScript, IE3D, TLC, and more.[2000/08/18]
AGD -- LEDA-based C++ library for automatic graph drawing.[2000/08/18]
VPython -- a 3D graphics library for Python.[2000/08/18]
ehrhart -- polynomials and parametric vertices program.[2000/08/18]
SILOON -- scripting interface languages for object-oriented numerics.[2000/08/18]
PVODE/KINSOL/IDA -- parallel software for differential and algebraic systems.[2000/08/18]
Omni -- an OpenMP compiler.[2000/08/18]
NP-Completeness -- efficient algorithm designing for hard computational problems.[2000/08/18]
SIMNET II -- a powerfull discrete event simulation language.[2000/08/18]
CICE -- sea ice component for global climate modeling.[2000/08/18]
OPT++ -- an object-oriented nonlinear optimization library.[2000/08/18]
PDT -- a tool infrastructure providing access to high-level interface of source code.[2000/08/18]
PAWS -- software infrastructure for connecting separate parallel applications within a component-like model.[2000/08/18]
Nexus -- a multithreaded communication library.[2000/08/18]
oCADis [GPL] -- 2D CAD system using GTK.[2000/08/18]
Infomap [GPL] -- a Java component for displaying and manipulating nodal data.[2000/08/18]
IntelliJ Renamer [CM] -- a multi-platform Java source code management tool.[2000/08/18]
Janus -- generic programming for grid and mesh-based scientific applications.[2000/08/18]
ficl -- a Forth interpreter writtenin C.[2000/08/18]
OpenNLP [GPL] -- Java interfaces for Natural Language Processing components.[2000/08/18]
aimLib [GPL] -- a C++ mathematics library.[2000/08/18]
Geodetic Toolbox -- a matlab toolbox for geodetics.[2000/08/18]
FACT! -- functional additions to C++ through templates and classes.[2000/08/18]
Pybliographer [GPL] -- a tool for managing bibliographic databases.[2000/08/18]
LigBuilder -- a multiple-purposed program written for structure-based drug design procedure.[2000/08/18]
SCORE -- evaluate the binding affinity of protein-ligand complex with known 3D structure.[2000/08/18]
NEFIDENT [GPL] -- approximating functions with fuzzy systems based on supervised learning.[2000/08/18]
XLOGP/PLOGP -- calculation of logP of common organic compounds and peptides.[2000/08/18]
pysimplex -- mixed integer linear programming modules for Python.[2000/08/18]
Pyfort -- creating extensions to the PYTHON using Fortran routines.[2000/08/18]
biggles [GPL] -- a Python module which help create publication-quality 2D scientific plots.[2000/08/18]
Gepetto [GPL] -- an animation studio to animate characters.[2000/08/18]
Dexter [GPL] -- interactively or semi-automatically extract data from scanned graphs.[2000/08/18]
PIDDLE -- a Python module for creating portable 2D graphics.[2000/08/18]
parSA -- parallel simulated annealing library for optimization problems.[2000/08/18]
MatPy [GPL] -- numerical linear algebra and plotting with Python.[2000/08/18]
CHIMP [GPL] -- a generic tool for the modeling of chemical phenomena.[2000/08/18]
OpenEV [GPL] -- a library/application for viewing and analysing raster/vector geospatial data.[2000/08/18]
OFELI -- an object oriented C++ library for FEM code development.[2000/08/18]
Vis5d+ [GPL] -- enhanced version of Vis5d volumetric visualization program.[2000/08/18]
Blossom -- a minimum weighted perfect matching solver.[2000/08/18]
Cohesion -- advanced modeling tool and software development environment.[2000/08/18]
ChemCalc [GPL] -- a calculator that is more oriented towards chemistry.[2000/08/18]
Gnatlab [GPL] -- a tool for fast matrix manipulation and calculation.[2000/08/18]
ixlib [GPL] -- C++ library with regular expressions, automatic arrays, garbage collection, matrix handling, planar geometry.[2000/08/18]
JavaCalc -- a simple Java Calculator written in swing.[2000/08/18]
NURBS++ [GPL] -- a C++ library to manipulate and create NURBS curves and surfaces.[2000/08/18]
David Pisinger's optimization codes -- various C programs for optimization.[2000/08/18]
NEFCON -- a model for neuro-fuzzy control.[2000/08/18]
J2K [GPL] -- a portable C++ library providing classes similar to Java Common API.[2000/08/18]
Symaxx -- a frontend for Maxima computer algebra system.[2000/08/18]
Cheap Matrix [GPL] -- a C++ Matrix class optimized for memory.[2000/08/18]
vIDE [GPL] -- a cross-platform tool for writing and simulating Verilog models.[2000/08/18]
VSTGL [GPL] -- a graphical editor for Signal Transition Graphs and Petri nets.[2000/08/18]
DynaMechs [GPL] -- a multibody dynamic simulation library.[2000/08/18]
holocrunchies [GPL] -- a computational holography program.[2000/08/18]
OSET [GPL] -- a Computer-Assisted Organic Synthesis program for retrosynthetic analysis.[2000/08/18]
SCRIP -- a spherical coordinate remapping and interpolation package.[2000/08/18]
VCS -- a small version control software.[2000/08/18]
JOODA [GPL] -- Java object oriented development application.[2000/08/18]
YATTS -- a graphical linear programming teaching tool.[2000/08/18]
SYMPHONY -- branch, cut, and price algorithm for solving integer and mixed-integer programs.[2000/08/18]
Rudiments [GPL] -- a C++ class library for daemons, clients, servers, etc.[2000/08/18]
iSight [CM] -- combining the power of design optimization, automation and integration for industry.[2000/07/24]
T-Matrix -- computing electromagnetic scattering by nonspherical and aggregated particles.[2000/07/24]
MIPSIM -- molecular interaction potentials and molecular similarity calculations.[2000/07/24]
libAstronomy [GPL] -- provides a set of astronomical routines to ease the calculation of ephemerides.[2000/07/24]
TrueGrid [CM] -- tessellate a geometric model into hexahedron brick and quadrilateral shell elements.[2000/07/24]
Number Theoretic bc [GPL] -- a fast prototyping scripting language for use in number theoretic applications.[2000/07/24]
VUtils -- a collection of source libraries for developing vision algorithms.[2000/07/24]
rpc [GPL] -- a fast full-screen console -based RPN calculator.[2000/07/24]
MOE [CM] -- a flexible and powerful software environment for chemical computing.[2000/07/24]
ChemSol -- calculates solvation free energies with Langevin Dipoles solvation model.[2000/07/24]
Molaris -- macromolecular simulation to study the functions of proteins.[2000/07/24]
PQS [CM] -- high performance parallel quantum chemistry software for Linux (single or cluster).[2000/07/24]
Ivf++ [GPL] -- a simple OpenGL/GLUT based C++ visualisation framework.[2000/07/24]
ModelSim [CM] -- a VHDL/Verilog simulator.[2000/07/24]
Pathway [CM] -- a single processor compiler/simulator for commercial applications.[2000/07/24]
Exploration [CM] -- personal and educational version of Pathway.[2000/07/24]
POP -- ocean modeling and calculation software with massive parallel computing.[2000/07/24]
Centauri [CM] -- a fast and high capacity HDL simulator for large applications.[2000/07/24]
EASE [CM] -- an easy way to graphically organize and navigate the HDL designs.[2000/07/24]
EALE [CM] -- a powerful text editor for VHDL and Verilog code entry.[2000/07/24]
SCEPTRE [GPL] -- simulation and analysis of nonlinear electric circuits and dynamic systems.[2000/07/24]
MedCon [GPL] -- a medical image convertor.[2000/07/24]
space -- the analysis and optimization of computer models or simulations.[2000/07/24]
OOF -- calculate macroscopic properties from images of real or simulated microstructures.[2000/07/24]
ADF [CM] -- Amsterdam Density Functional program for computational chemistry research.[2000/07/24]
APL c compiler -- a compiler which translates APL to C code.[2000/07/24]
SeeR -- a multipurpose C-like scripting library.[2000/07/24]
CAPLIB2 [GPL] -- an APL interpreter and a C library for APL calls.[2000/07/24]
EXPDE -- C++ library for numerical approximation of partial differential equations.[2000/07/24]
ODE++ -- a C++ class library for ordinary differential equations.[2000/07/24]
FreeFem+ [GPL] -- finite element method for PDE.[2000/07/24]
BAMG -- bidimensional anisotrope mesh generator.[2000/07/24]
ACCPM -- solving large scale convex optimization problems with cutting plane method.[2000/07/24]
QikProp [CM] -- rapid predictions for physical and pharmaceutical properties of neutral organic molecules.[2000/07/24]
Maestro [CM] -- state-of-the-art graphical interface for molecular modeling.[2000/07/24]
Math3d [GPL] -- a C++ library for 3D computer graphics.[2000/07/24]

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