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SYMPHONY (Single- or Multi-Process Optimization over Networks) is a fully parallel, generic implementation of the branch, cut, and price algorithm for solving integer and mixed-integer programs. The user of the library need only supply model-specific preprocessing and separation functions to implement a state-of-the-art branch and cut algorithm for virtually any problem setting. The remaining components of the branch and cut framework, e.g., search tree management, management of linear programming solution, cut pool management, and communication management, are entirely internal to the library. The executables can be built in any number of configurations ranging from completely sequential to fully parallel with independently functioning cut generators, cut pools, and LP solvers. The distributed version currently runs in any environment supported by the PVM message passing protocol. The same source code can also be compiled for shared-memory architectures using any OpenMP compliant compiler.

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sequential to cluster or shared-memory architectures

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C compiler

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