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Items Added in January and February, 2000:

GFC -- geographic foundation C++ class library.[2000/02/28]
CMU Sphinx -- an open source speech recognition system.[2000/02/28]
ISIP ASR -- powerful large vocabulary conversational speech recognizer.[2000/02/28]
Dr Genius ../[GPL] -- geometry exploration and numeric intuitive user system.[2000/02/28]
Time-Frequency Toolbox -- Matlab M-files for analyzing non-stationary signals.[2000/02/28]
DINO -- a visualization program for structural biology data.[2000/02/28]
MSMS -- compute efficiently triangulations of Solvent Excluded Surfaces.[2000/02/28]
GIS_parser ../[GPL] -- GIS ARCVIEW parser.[2000/02/28]
Forte -- an IDE for development of applications based on Java 2 SE.[2000/02/28]
Quadrant Draw ../[GPL] -- an object-oriented drawing utility.[2000/02/28]
Graphtool ../[GPL] -- create several types of graphs, data representations and equations.[2000/02/28]
Parasolid ../[CM] -- a portable geometric modeler kernel for modeling application.[2000/02/28]
HLA RTI -- implementation of an architecture for simulation reuse and interoperability.[2000/02/28]
Rapide -- component-based development of large, multi-language systems.[2000/02/28]
Acme -- a simple, generic software architecture description language and tool.[2000/02/28]
JCFL ../[GPL] -- Java library for utilizing Chemical Markup Language (CML).[2000/02/28]
TwinLib ../[GPL] -- a small but useful c++ library for graphic programming.[2000/02/28]
Code2HTML -- converts a program source code to syntax highlighted HTML.[2000/02/28]
QSlim ../[GPL] -- surface simplification software.[2000/02/28]
Brain ../[GPL] -- a fully object-oriented high level scripting language.[2000/02/28]
Multivariate Data Analysis Software -- mostly written in Fortran or C.[2000/02/28]
Cactus -- a modular, parallel, open source framework for solving systems of PDE's.[2000/02/14]
MegaWave2 -- software environment which help write algorithms on image processing.[2000/02/14]
spicepp ../[GPL] -- a preprocessor to add capability to standard berkeley spice.[2000/02/14]
Cynlib -- provides the vocabulary for hardware modelling in C++.[2000/02/14]
Jester -- an extension to Java to program reactive systems with Esterel constructs.[2000/02/14]
FLEXIO -- an API for storing multi-D scientific data.[2000/02/14]
IEEEIO -- a compact library for storing multi-D scientific data in portable binary format.[2000/02/14]
Globus -- software tools/services necessary to build a computational grid infrastructure.[2000/02/14]
Autopilot -- an infrastructure for real-time adaptive control of distributed computing resources.[2000/02/14]
h5util ../[GPL] -- conversion utilities to help visualize HDF5 files.[2000/02/14]
SDC Morphology Toolbox for MATLAB -- for various image analysis.[2000/02/14]
Lcalc ../[GPL] -- a simple 4-operation calculator for Linux.[2000/02/14]
LISC ../[GPL] -- a lightweight Scheme interpeter written in Java.[2000/02/14]
nano ../[GPL] -- Pico editor clone with enhancements.[2000/02/14]
IA ../[GPL] -- a little AI program capable of having a conversation in English.[2000/02/14]
AVS/Express ../[CM] -- help build applications for interactive, multi-D visualization and graphics.[2000/02/14]
OpenViz ../[CM] -- for business professionals to visualize/interact with growing volumes of data.[2000/02/14]
TotalView ../[CM] -- a full-featured, source-level, graphical, and multiprocess debugger.[2000/02/14]
KVEC ../[SR] -- vectorize images using several graphic formats.[2000/02/14]
GAMMA -- an efficient communication software for message passing.[2000/02/14]
XCrySDen -- a molecular and crystalline structure rendering program.[2000/02/14]
SNAC ../[GPL] -- a simple numeric algebraic calculator for GNOME.[2000/02/14]
GloMoSim -- scalable simulation environment for wireless and wired network systems.[2000/01/21]
VxLib [GPL] -- C++ GUI framework for X Windows.[2000/01/21]
MPAC [GPL] -- calculate critical design parameters of a rectangular microstrip patch antenna.[2000/01/21]
BioMail [GPL] -- retrieve latest information about a disease or biological phenomenon.[2000/01/21]
Cart3D -- inviscid aerodynamic analysis with surface modeling, mesh generation and flow simulations.[2000/01/21]
Bluefish [GPL] -- a programmer's HTML editor.[2000/01/21]
SSS [GPL] -- a simple submit script for single-node and parallel LAM jobs.[2000/01/21]
lperfex [GPL] -- a utility which accesses the hardware performance counters.[2000/01/21]
Artstream [CM] -- a full featured vector illustration and page layout system for scalable output.[2000/01/21]
CDA -- analyze chemical systems which can be described as donor-acceptor complexes.[2000/01/21]
XMolCalc -- a small utility that allows you to calculate a molecular weight.[2000/01/21]
ASCL Archive -- astrophysics source code library archive.[2000/01/21]
zimg -- generates png images out of almost arbitrary formatted 2-D data.[2000/01/21]
Free Physics [GPL] -- a project to create an educational physics simulator.[2000/01/21]
GTS [GPL] -- a library of functions for 3D surfaces meshing with interconnected triangles.[2000/01/21]
VGUI -- a graphical user interface for VHDL modeling.[2000/01/10]
MUCS-PCB [GPL] -- producing multilayer digital PCBs.[2000/01/10]
BlueHDL -- a simulation tools provide VHDL and SystemC digital simulation capabilities.[2000/01/10]
GMAP [GPL] --a map viewer with emphasis on temporal data.[2000/01/10]
JEL [GPL] -- a library for evaluating a simple single line expressions in Java.[2000/01/10]
GMatH [GPL] -- mathematical computing interface for GNOME.[2000/01/10]
QpThread [GPL] -- OO framework for threads and Unix signals on top of system level threads.[2000/01/10]
Innovation3D [GPL] -- a 3D modelling tool with both mesh and NURBS based modeling.[2000/01/10]
Adobe Framemaker -- create and manage complex documents for technical publishing.[2000/01/10]
gleem [GPL] -- a 3D C++ widgets library supporting direct user interaction with a 3D scene.[2000/01/10]
gltt [GPL] -- read and draw TrueType fonts in any OpenGL application.[2000/01/10]
gps3d -- a set of utilities that lets you manipulate your GPS.[2000/01/10]
Grdig -- read the coordinates of data points from a linear or logscaled graph.[2000/01/10]
StatistX [GPL] -- a graphical user interface to statist.[2000/01/10]
tclPov -- a GUI front-end to Pov-ray.[2000/01/10]
CINT -- a C/C++ interpreter which is aimed at processing C/C++ scripts.[2000/01/10]
BLT -- Tk extension with plotting widgets of X-Y graph, barchart, stripchart.[2000/01/10]
Distrolib [GPL] -- a library for helping the creation of distributed programs.[2000/01/10]
for2html -- a Perl script that translates Fortran sources into HTML pages.[2000/01/10]
gLife [GPL] -- an artificial life simulation program for GNOME.[2000/01/10]
DIPlib -- a scientific image processing library written in C.[2000/01/10]
GOOPS [GPL] -- an object-oriented extension to Guile.[2000/01/10]
GTool [GPL] -- a program to draw and analyze graphs.[2000/01/10]
SigLab -- a calculator designed for working on signals.[2000/01/10]
gyapp [GPL] -- a mathematical function plotting program with simulation.[2000/01/10]
Slopefit -- a fast program to calculate slope parameters of particle momentum spectra. [2000/01/10]

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