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Items Added in September and October, 1999:

Hoard [GPL] -- a scalable and efficient allocator for shared-memory multiprocessors.[1999/10/22]
QCad [GPL] -- a powerful and easy to use CAD program using DXF as standard file format.[1999/10/22]
K4DE [GPL] -- an editor for for the creation and manipulation of 3D objects.[1999/10/22]
Synpic [GPL] -- a ray tracer with a rich 3D procedural description language.[1999/10/22]
Kazlib -- a robust ANSI C data structure library.[1999/10/22]
LeoCAD [GPL] -- a CAD application that uses plastic building bricks.[1999/10/22]
Linux Modbus Code -- C code to read registers from modbus programmable logic controllers.[1999/10/22]
SRecord [GPL] -- a collection of powerful tools for manipulating EPROM load files.[1999/10/22]
Aegis [GPL] -- a transaction-based software configuration management system.[1999/10/22]
RasterMaster [CM] -- cross platform imaging SDKS and toolkits.[1999/10/22]
DODS -- distributed oceanographic data system.[1999/10/22]
HDFLook -- a comprehensive application for viewing NCSA HDF science datasets.[1999/10/22]
Msphinx -- a progressive system for future satellite sensors and image processing.[1999/10/22]
SHARP -- a viewer for MODIS airborne simulator imagery.[1999/10/22]
dvi2gif -- tools to convert dvi file into gif format.[1999/10/22]
AutoTrace ../[GPL] -- a program for converting bitmaps to vector graphics.[1999/10/08]
ME10 ../[CM] -- a professional 2D drafting package for CAD applications.[1999/10/08]
VDT -- fast/easy development and integration of VHDL application tools.[1999/10/08]
SEW -- analysis tool for describing real-time computing system.[1999/10/08]
Kplot3d ../[GPL] -- a tool for plotting 3D functions of two variables.[1999/10/08]
IRIS Performer -- 3D rendering toolkit for real-time, interactive graphics applications.[1999/10/08]
ROBOOP ../[GPL] -- a C++ object oriented toolbox for robotics simulation.[1999/10/08]
biew -- binary/hex/disasm viewer/editor.[1999/10/08]
gaby ../[GPL] -- a small personal databases manager using GTK+.[1999/10/08]
DynamicJava -- a Java source interpreter written in Java.[1999/10/08]
Selathco -- a simple extensible LaTeX To HTML Converter.[1999/10/08]
Toby ../[GPL] -- a LOGO-like language written in Java.[1999/10/08]
SPARTA -- a real-time package modeling deformable objects, collisions, friction, etc.[1999/10/08]
Harbour ../[GPL] -- a project to develop a free, cross-platform compiler for Xbase language.[1999/10/08]
SystemC -- modeling platform consisting C++ class libraries and a simulation kernel.[1999/10/08]
KPlotW/KPlot ../[GPL] -- a plotting widget and an interface to it.[1999/10/08]
REBOL -- a multi-platform Internet communications language.[1999/10/08]
PEBLS -- a nearest-neighbor learning system.[1999/10/08]
XDBM -- a database designed specifically to handle XML data.[1999/09/23]
Libgraph [GPL] -- library to provide generic graph building capabilities.[1999/09/23]
ObjectThread [GPL] -- a C++ toolkit for writing multithreaded code.[1999/09/23]
SIMPL -- simple Send/Receive/Reply messaging scheme for Linux.[1999/09/23]
CFORTRAN -- tools for machine independent interface between C and FORTRAN.[1999/09/23]
jot -- an easy-to-use f(x) function plotter supporting multiple plots.[1999/09/23]
SDF -- documentation system based on markup language and can output in multiple formats.[1999/09/23]
Matrona -- a small C++ class library with widely-used algorithms of matrix algebra.[1999/09/23]
TONS -- to produce an environment for numerical calculations.[1999/09/23]
FLUENT [CM] -- a CFD solver for complex flows problem.[1999/09/23]
MP_SOLVE -- parallel sparse irregular system solvers.[1999/09/23]
PulseTLM [GPL] -- a more full featured 3D transmission line matrix simulator.[1999/09/23]
alma [GPL] -- a software workshop for modeling and analysing.[1999/09/23]
ACPLT/KS -- communication system for process control and process control engineering.[1999/09/23]
Artistic Style -- indenter and reformatter of C, ++ and Java source codes.[1999/09/23]
GNU Pth [GPL] -- a very portable POSIX/ANSI-C based thread library.[1999/09/23]
Euphoria -- a simple, flexible, fast, and easy to learn interpreted language.[1999/09/15]
MSC.NASTRAN [CM] -- finite element analysis program for a wide variety of analysis.[1999/09/15]
PVFS [GPL] -- a user-space parallel file system for use on clusters of PCs (Beowulf).[1999/09/15]
rcalc [GPL] -- a fast and light symbolic calculator for GNOME.[1999/09/15]
YODL [GPL] -- a pre-document language and tools to process it.[1999/09/15]
ZigZag [SR] -- a software for a new kind of rationally connected data structure.[1999/09/15]
Compaq C for Linux Alpha -- Alpha chip optimized C compiler.[1999/09/15]
Jape -- a framework for building interactive proff editors.[1999/09/15]
FreeSpeech [GPL] -- a free speech recognition project for Linux.[1999/09/15]
AutoMap/AutoLink -- a tool to simplify the creation of MPI data-types and to transfer dynamic data-types.[1999/09/15]
VisDB -- a visual data mining and database exploration system.[1999/09/15]
Jcon -- a Java-based Icon implementation.[1999/09/15]
Numerical Software from Martin-Luther-Universität [1999/09/15]
Moonshine -- an application development tool that supports a wide variety of languages.[1999/09/15]
A Matlab Differentiation Matrix Suite -- solving differential equations by the spectral collocation method.[1999/09/15]
Coin [GPL] -- Open GL based retained mode 3D graphics rendering library.[1999/09/15]
Dime [GPL][CM] -- C++ library for manipulating DXF file data.[1999/09/15]
VRMLview -- a viewer of VRML models.[1999/09/15]
GLX -- connecting OpenGL and the X Windows system.[1999/09/15]
Rogue Wave Libraries [CM] -- C++ libraries for cross-platform software development.[1999/09/15]

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