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Items Added in March and April, 1999:

kpl [GPL] -- two-dimensional graphical presentation of data sets and functions.[1999/04/29]
EMBOSS [GPL] -- suite of programs and libraries for sequence analysis.[1999/04/29]
KVoiceControl [GPL] -- a speech recognition system for connecting spoken commands to unix commands. [1999/04/29]
Setedit [GPL] -- editor for C/C++ programers.[1999/04/29]
BspSolid -- a powerful polyhedra solid modeling library.[1999/04/29]
Objectivity/DB [CM] -- distributed object database management system. [1999/04/29]
SDTS++ -- a C++ toolkit for SDTS files.[1999/04/29]
MM -- an abstraction library to simplify the usage of shared memory.[1999/04/29]
CMeister -- a platform and compiler independent IDE for developing C applications.[1999/04/29]
ViaVoice -- helps developing applications with speech recognition technology.[1999/04/29]
Temperature Converter for Perl/Tk [GPL][1999/04/19]
OPTIMIX -- generate program analyses and transformations.[1999/04/19]
Mesh-Maker -- a simple program for generating unstructured meshes.[1999/04/19]
bigFORTH [GPL] -- a 32bit, native ANS Forth compiler.[1999/04/19]
Fitsblink -- manipulation with astronomical images in FITS format.[1999/04/19]
Electronic Periodic Table of the Elements [1999/04/19]
eNITL -- a scripting and template language engine for C++ applications.[1999/04/19]
Levee -- a small vi clone.[1999/04/19]
OpenLink Virtuoso [CM] -- transparent access to your existing various databases.[1999/04/19]
LibVRML97 -- a toolkit for incorporating VRML into applications.[1999/04/19]
GLUI -- a GLUT-based C++ user interface library.[1999/04/19]
Hybris [GPL] -- a structured document editor.[1999/04/19]
QtVu [GPL] -- an image viewer for The X Window System based on Qt.[1999/04/19]
AFT -- a document preparation system which requires very little mark up.[1999/04/19]
ABaCUS -- investigate the significance of the putative correspondence between exons and units of protein structure.[1999/04/19]
ViNE -- control, experiment execution, and data retrieval, storage, and manipulation.[1999/04/19]
CAM C++ Class Libraries -- graphics, matrix/vector and symbolic function classes.[1999/04/19]
VisPak/OrthoPak/ArrangePak -- various software of helping research in computer graphics.[1999/04/19]
L.A.N.E. -- the logically advanced neural engine.[1999/04/19]
GEF -- a Java library for developing connected graph user interfaces.[1999/04/19]
OCTREE -- a drawing, modelling, and visualisation package focused on architecture.[1999/04/07]
VCS [CM] -- a high-performance commercial-grade Verilog simulator.[1999/04/07]
Light Speed! -- simulation of special relativity on the appearance of moving objects.[1999/04/07]
MOUSE [GPL] -- an OO framework for finite volume computations on unstructured grids.[1999/04/07]
Xplns -- an astronomy simulation software for UNIX.[1999/04/07]
Aglaophone [GPL] -- a modular system for the real-time processing and analysis of sound.[1999/04/07]
Dlxlab -- a simulation and real time execution environment for control system experiments.[1999/04/07]
Empress Embedded Developer's Toolkit [CM] -- embedded applications development toolkit. [1999/04/07]
Drawtool [GPL] -- read in simple vector geometry from stdin and displays it in a gtk window.[1999/04/07]
WXP [CM] -- analyzing and displaying meteorological data and satellite images. [1999/04/07]
BX PRO [CM] -- a GUI builder for X/Motif developers. [1999/04/07]
SVMT [GPL] -- the C++ scalar, vector, matrix and tensor class library. [1999/04/07]
Extreme Wave [GPL] -- a project to create a feature rich, extensible 3D modeling environment.[1999/04/07]
BlueJ -- an integrated Java environment specifically designed for introductory teaching. [1999/04/07]
ChinesePower -- user friendly WYSIWYG east Asia word processor on X window.[1999/04/07]
fGIS [GPL] -- functional GIS with functional data model.[1999/04/07]
Savant/TyVis/warped [GPL] -- parallel/sequential VHDL '93 simulation system.[1999/04/07]
OpenGUI [GPL] -- a low/high level graphics library for C/C++. [1999/04/07]
Giram >[GPL] -- a POV-ray oriented modeller. [1999/04/07]
Albert -- research tool to assist the study of nonassociative algebra.[1999/04/07]
mathplot [GPL] -- interactive function grapher for equations and inequations. [1999/03/24]
QDD [GPL] -- a quantum computer emulation library.[1999/03/24]
DND [GPL] -- intend to build a GUI for molecular dynamics simulation of molecule. [1999/03/24]
Lennard-Jones Gas Simulation [GPL] -- using molecular dynamics.[1999/03/24]
Computational Tomography [GPL] -- CT images reconstruction.[1999/03/24]
gax [GPL] -- creation of custom databases of astronomical information system.[1999/03/24]
Amira [CM] -- visualization and reconstruction for 3D image data. [1999/03/24]
Scene [GPL] -- project to develop a 3D graphics API using C++. [1999/03/24]
C-Mix -- a program specializer for making faster C code. [1999/03/24]
CON'FLEX -- solves fuzzy constraint problems with both finite domain and interval variables.[1999/03/24]
clp(FD,S) -- semiring-based constraint logic programming language over finite domains.[1999/03/24]
StarFLIP++ [GPL] -- reusable iterative optimization library for combinatorial problems with fuzzy constraints.[1999/03/24]
B-Prolog -- a CLP system that runs Prolog and CLP(FD) programs.[1999/03/24]
Blackbox -- a SAT technology planning system.[1999/03/24]
GPM -- consistent implementation of Modula-2 on contemporary machines. [1999/03/24]
JAMPACK -- a class library for manipulating matrices in Java.[1999/03/24]
JAMA -- a basic linear algebra package for Java.[1999/03/24]
KDevelop [GPL] -- C++ development environment for GNU standard applications on Unix/X11.[1999/03/24]
MTL -- a high-performance generic component C++ library for matrix.[1999/03/24]
CSPLib -- a problem library for constraints.[1999/03/24]
NCL -- a natural constraint language.[1999/03/24]
Java Constraint Library -- provide application services for CSP problem.[1999/03/24]
Cassowary -- a constraint solving toolkit.[1999/03/24]
KMol [GPL] -- a molecular weight and elemental composition calculator.[1999/03/24]
GeneMine [CM] -- bioinformatics data mineing and data visualization.[1999/03/24]
KLab -- a plotter and GUI for RLaB.[1999/03/24]
CN2 -- a rule-induction program which generates a set of rules.[1999/03/01]
XBase DBMS -- provides C/C++ programmers a library for manipulating Xbase file.[1999/03/01]
GiD [CM] -- a universal, adaptative and friendly pre/post-processing system for engineers.[1999/03/01]
KOSIMA -- program for the design and animation of regular tilings.[1999/03/01]
TclPro -- a development environment for professional Tcl developers.[1999/03/01]
VisualGIPSY [CM] -- powerful yet easy to use GUI builder for Tcl/Tk applications.[1999/03/01]
KVI -- a VI clone for KDE environment.[1999/03/01]
ThoughtTreasure -- a system for natural language processing and commonsense reasoning.[1999/03/01]
NumExp [GPL] -- GTK+ based mathematical calculation program. [1999/03/01]
omniORB [GPL] -- a robust, high performance CORBA 2 ORB.[1999/03/02]
XPortShot RT -- an oscilloscope simulator, capable of displaying multiple data channels.[1999/03/02]

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