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Items Added in Late June, 1997:

FreeFEM -- a program dedicated to partial differential equations based on the Gfem language.[1997/06/26]
SOL [CM] -- several widely used optimization software such as MINOS, NPSOL, LSSOL.[1997/06/26]
Gambit -- a high-performance implementation of Scheme based on an optimizing compiler.[1997/06/26]
Eddi -- a nice text editor with GUI and many nice features.[1997/06/26]
SeX [GPL] -- a simple text editor for the X windows system.[1997/06/26]
XBS -- a simple but useful program for plotting ball-and-sticks models of molecules or crystals.[1997/06/26]
BUGSX [GPL] -- designing biomorphs with an interactive genetic algorithm.[1997/06/26]
Drone [GPL] -- a tool for automatically running batch jobs of a simulation program.[1997/06/26]
TIN [GPL] -- a primitive artificial life engine.[1997/06/26]
Caml Light -- a small, portable implementation of the ML language.[1997/06/25]
JED [GPL] -- a cross-platform editor for programmers.[1997/06/25]
Astrophysical software components written in Ada95 [GPL][1997/06/25]
WAILI [GPL] -- a wavelet transform library which includes some basic image processing operations.[1997/06/24]
DrawP3D -- a scientific visualization subroutine library with parallel operation via PVM.[1997/06/24]
ILOG Views [CM] -- a software for designing very graphical user interfaces in C++.[1997/06/24]
SCAPI [CM] -- a C++ cross-platform framework that let you develop GUI.[1997/06/24]
VDX [CM] -- create user interfaces with OSF/Motif widgets.[1997/06/24]
Qbib [GPL] -- a bibliography management system based on Qddb.[1997/06/24]
StarSplatter -- a renderer for particle data, specifically data generated by astrophysics simulations.[1997/06/24]
GPLOT -- a CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile) processor.[1997/06/23]
VFleet -- a volume renderer which can run either locally or in a distributed mode.[1997/06/23]
Viewit -- a multidimensional image processing software originally for magnetic resonance data.[1997/06/23]
BRAGI -- an interactive protein-modelling program.[1997/06/23]
FEFF -- calculation of phase shifts and effective scattering amplitudes of polarization.[1997/06/21]

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