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Many other graphics libraries were developed on their designated hardware systems. For Linux, the most important ones are the SVGA libraries which run on all Intel-based IBM-compatible PCs. Some special purpose libraries provide feature sets that are missed in standard graphics libraries. Most of them are portable, i.e. not bonded to any graphics hardware.

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Other Graphic Libraries   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

3D-MasterSuite [CM] -- collection of integrated OO classes for interactive 3D graphics applications.
AGL -- graphic library designed to be portable.
cd -- graphics library which output result as a CGM file.
Crystal Space [GPL] -- a 6DOF engine portal based engine.
Dore -- 3D graphics subroutine library.
EZwgl [GPL] -- a set of C functions for developing GUI and writing graphics applications.
Free3d [GPL] -- efficient and portable 3D rendering library written in C++.
FxEngine -- a powerful 3d graphics library that uses the glide API.
g2 [GPL] -- an easy to use, portable and powerful 2D graphics library.
gd -- graphics library which output result as a GIF file.
EGR GF -- a semantic modeling and visualization kernel.
NEW GGG -- FORTRAN graphics library for creation of PostScript files.
GIZMO3D -- high performance platform independant 3D scene graph library.
Generic 3D Graphics Kernel -- 3D graphics kernel designed for extensibility.
GOOD -- software environment for interactive programming of 3D graphics.
Grxlib [GPL] -- svgalib graphic library.
jaw3d -- a portable 3D library and a model viewer.
Jun for Java -- a 3D graphics library with topology and geometry.
Koala-graphics -- graphics layer on top of Java AWT to design network management GUI.
NEW KRESLITKO -- a simple library/application to create graphics application under X-Windows.
lib3d [GPL] -- a z-buffer rendering library.
libgr -- a collection of graphics libraries.
MAM/VRS [GPL] -- general-purpose graphics toolkit with high-level interface to 3D rendering/modeling.
Math3d [GPL] -- a C++ library for 3D computer graphics.
MGL -- multi-platform graphcs library for fast development.
Mica -- a modern object-oriented 2D graphics library in Java.
OpenGUI [GPL] -- a low/high level graphics library for C/C++.
Panard Vision [CM] -- a high quality 3D real-time and portable rendering engine.
PETAL [CM] -- a fast and low level graphics library designed for Linux.
PIDDLE -- a Python module for creating portable 2D graphics.
PLOT_PS/PLOT_XPS -- C libraries to produce postscript files and/or X graphs.
Plush -- a general purpose 3D graphics library.
SIPP [GPL] -- a library for creating photorealistic renderings of 3D scenes.
VOGLE -- a very ordinary graphics learning library.
VPython -- a 3D graphics library for Python.
XSDL [CM] -- scaleable C graphics library.

Also Check Out:
GLE Tubing and Extrusion Library -- a library package of that draw extruded surfaces.
plotutils [GPL] -- plotting of scientific data and the drawing of vector graphics.
INTERACTER [CM] -- Fortran-based user-interface and graphics subroutine library.

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