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There are hundreds of various image formats out there (check out Image File Formats List). The software listed here does image viewing, conversions (change from one image format to another), manipulations (eg., image transformation, composition, annotation, etc).

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Image Viewers, Conversions & Manipulations   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

Adobe Acrobat Reader -- view, print and navigate PDF file.
angif [GPL] -- a C library to generate LZW-free GIF format output.
AutoTrace [GPL] -- a program for converting bitmaps to vector graphics.
CadViewer [CM] -- a Java applet for viewing drawings saved using the DWF file format.
CompuPic -- an interactive multimedia file manager and manipulation program.
DeltaCine [GPL] -- Software MPEG1 (ISO/IEC 11172-1,2) decoder.
Dime [GPL][CM] -- C++ library for manipulating DXF file data.
dicom2 -- converting medical images and DICOM files to various other formats.
dvi2gif -- tools to convert dvi file into gif format.
ElectricEyes [GPL] -- a lightweight GTK/GNOME-based image viewer.
empgm -- a tool for converting electron microscopy images to pgm format.
Emtool -- a program for display and manipulation of electron micrographs.
epsmerge/epssplit [GPL] -- merging or spliting Encapsulated Postscript files.
Fig2Java -- converts GCG fig files to tgif obj files or Java codes.
FreeWRL [GPL] -- a VRML browser for Linux.
Ghostscript [GPL] -- PostScript and PDF interpreter with many different output devices.

Ghostview -- X11 user interface for Ghostscript.
NEW GSview -- a graphical interface for Ghostscript.
gv [GPL] -- an user interface for the Ghostscript interpreter.
MGv [GPL] -- a Motif based front end to GhostScript based on Ghostview 1.5.
gif2png -- converts files from the obsolescent GIF to PNG formats.
GIFMerge -- merge single GIFs into an GIF89a animation.
Gifsicle [GPL] -- UNIX command-line tool for creating/editing/manipulating GIF images.
GLand -- a simple landscape viewer for OpenGL.
NEW GLiv [GPL] -- an OpenGL image viewer.
GRAV -- a graphic-viewer for the Linux console.
GQview/GQmpeg [GPL] -- an image browser and a simple front end to mpg123.
gView -- GTK/ImLib based image viewer similar to ACDSee.
HXmImageView [CM] -- Motif widget to display raster images.
Ilib [GPL] -- an image manipulation library supporting many formats.
ImageMagick -- X11 package for display and interactive manipulation of images.
PerlMagick -- a Perl interface to ImageMagick.
iManager [GPL] -- image management and viewing utility.
JGV -- a Java program for 3D viewing.
KuickShow [GPL] -- a fast and easy-to-use image viewer/browser.
KVEC [SR] -- vectorize images using several graphic formats.
Liquid Reality [CM] -- combines Java with VRML for creating/viewing complex 3D environments.
LinkCAD [CM] -- an all-in-one converter for DXF, RS274X, GDS-II, CIF, PostScript, IE3D, TLC, and more.
MedCon [GPL] -- a medical image convertor.
MpegTV [CM][SR] -- realtime player with audio/sync.
NEW Noptec Vector [GPL] -- an implementation of a bitmap vectorizing algorithm.
NetPBM -- a package for manipulating images for X11.
NEW Open Image Library [GPL] -- cross-platform image library to manipulate and display a variety of images.
PStill [SR] -- a multiplatform PostScript to PDF converter.
pstoedit [GPL] -- translates PostScript and PDF graphics into other vector formats.
PVRG-MPEG -- MPEG encoder and decoder.
Quick Image Viewer [GPL] -- a small and fast image viewer for X11.
QtVu [GPL] -- an image viewer for The X Window System based on Qt.
Ra-vec -- a raster to vector conversion program.
SDSC Image Tools -- portable image manipulation tools with a wide range of image file formats support.
SHARP -- a viewer for MODIS airborne simulator imagery.
Splay -- a player which can play MPEG layer 1,2,3 and Wave file for Linux.
SysQuake Viewer -- viewing and manipulating the graphics of SysQuake.
Tiffy View Java Edition [CM] -- view and print images for various format.
VIEW3DS -- a 3D Studio file converter.
NEW viewONE [CM] -- a high performance Java applet for viewing images and image documents.
Vista -- software environment for computer vision research.
VRMLview -- a viewer of VRML models.
VRwave -- a VRML 2.0 browser written in Java.
VRweb -- a browser for 3D worlds and objects modeled in VRML language.
X3d -- a fast wireframe object viewer.
xa [GPL] -- an animation package for various image formats.
XANIM -- a program for viewing a wide variety of animation formats.
Xmorph -- a digital image morphing program.
XMPLAY -- interactive X11 MPEG player.
XMRM -- an image morphing program for X-windows.
Xnview -- a program for viewing and converting your graphics files.
xpdf [GPL] -- a PDF viewer for X.
xv [SR] -- display and interactive manipulation of images.
xzgv [GPL] -- a picture viewer for X, with a thumbnail-based file selector.
Zgv [GPL] -- a graphic file viewer for VGA and SVGA displays.

Also Check Out:
XFITSview [GPL] -- a viewer for FITS format images for unix/X-Windows.

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