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Ghostscript can display PostScript (Level 3) and PDF (1.3, ie. Acrobat 4.x) files on the screen, convert them to many raster formats, and print them on many (non-PostScript) printers, both black-and-white and color. It provides:

  • An interpreter for the PostScript (TM) language, and
  • A set of C procedures (the Ghostscript library) that implement the graphics capabilities that appear as primitive operations in the PostScript language, and
  • An interpreter for Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
There are couple of front ends available for Unix and VMS: Ghostview, gv, MGv and GSview..

Current Version:   7.00 (AFPL), 6.50 (GNU)

License Type:   Copyrighted and two versions are available:

Aladdin Ghostscript --- Aladdin Ghostscript Free Public License
GNU Ghostscript --- GPL
Commercial Licensing also available

Home Site:

Source Code Availability:   Yes

Available Binary Packages:

Targeted Platforms:

UNIX, DOS, Windows, Mac, VMS, etc.

Software/Hardware Requirements:


Other Links:

Mailing Lists/USENET News Groups:

gnu.ghostscript.bug (for GNU Ghostscript)
comp.lang.postscript (Aladdin Ghostscript)

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