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In this section, we collected many programs related to parallel processing. For example, queing systems are crucial to the distributed multi-processing architectures. You will also find many special-purpose packages that may suit your applications.
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Miscellaneous Software   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

ALINKA [CM][GPL] -- management stuie for Linux clusters.
ARKEIA [SR][CM] -- centralized backup/restore/archiving software for heterogeneous networks.
autoson -- a tool for scheduling independent processes across a network of UNIX workstations.
Avatar Job Scheduling System -- a robust job scheduling application suite.
Beowulf -- parallel clustered workstation based on PC/Linux.
Coda [GPL] -- an advanced networked filesystem.
CODINE [CM] -- resource management system in a heterogeneous networked environment.
Condor -- job scheduling system for workstation cluster.
Distributed GEANT -- automate parallel processing of GEANT jobs over a computer network.
DQS -- software for resource allocation and job scheduling for heterogeneous network system.
The Edinburgh Concurrency Workbench (CWB) -- an automated tool for concurrent systems.
Generic NQS [GPL] -- batch processing systems.
GFS [GPL] -- development project for a serverless file system.
Habanero -- a framework for sharing Java objects with colleagues distributed around the Internet.
Limes [GPL] -- an execution-driven multiprocessor simulation tool.
Meije Verification Tools -- tools for the MEIJE system.
NPB -- programs designed to help evaluate the performance of parallel supercomputers.
PANDA -- fast access to array data for scientific computation.
PBS -- batch processing system for heterogeneous computing networks.
PIPS -- workbench for analyzing and transforming scientific parallel applications.
PVFS [GPL] -- a user-space parallel file system for use on clusters of PCs (Beowulf).
Queue [GPL] -- a load-balancing/distributed batch processing and local rsh replacement system.
SCMS -- a cluster management system for Beowulf cluster.
SSS [GPL] -- a simple submit script for single-node and parallel LAM jobs.
U-Net -- a user-level network interface with low-latency and high-bandwidth communication.
Venus [CM] -- managing heterogeneous UNIX-workstation/server.
VNC [GPL] -- a remote display system to view a computing desktop environment.
Whitney -- a project of establishing a large scale cluster of commodity systems.

Also Check Out:
Ara -- a platform for the portable and secure execution of mobile agents in heterogeneous networks.
Clustor [CM] -- a task crunching utility which manages your computational tasks.
GROMACS -- a set of molecular dynamics code and analysis tools for parallel computers.
HERMES -- software packages for high energy experiments that can run on Linux Cluster.
NAMD -- parallel, object-oriented molecular dynamics program.

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