Venus is a distributed administration tool for any network built of Unix workstations from different hardware vendors. VENUS implements such a single-system-image using standard UNIX mechanisms like NFS, NIS and automounter without sacrifying the performance and availablity advantages of local resources which makes it first choice for large scientific and engineering environments. VENUS provides non-proprietary methods for the major cluster management tasks such as configuration management, software distribution, user and filesystem administration.

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License Type:   Commercial

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  • Debian Package: No
  • RedHat RPM Package: No
  • Other Packages: ??

Targeted Platforms:

Silicon Graphics (IRIX 4.0.5, IRIX 5.x, IRIX 6.x), HP9000/700 (HP-UX 9.0), IBM RS6000 (AIX 3.2.x), SUN (Solaris 1 and 2), Evans & Sutherland, DECstation (Ultrix), DECalpha OSF/1, Convex, Cray, Linux (according to Linux Journal Buyer's Guide)

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