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In general, I always suggest GAMS: Guide to Available Mathematical Software and/or Netlib as the starting points when looking for numerical source codes. Then try the other repositories when there's no success.

Note, the software in these repositories usually has general purpose and is not platform specific. I believe most of them can be compiled sucessfully by the Fortran and C/C++ compilers (gcc/g++) available for Linux.
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Source Code Repositories

Collaborative Computational Projects -- assist in developing, maintaining, and distributing software.
eLib: Electronic Libraries for Mathematical Software -- software libraray.
FLIB -- non-numeric Fortran routines for string manipulation, error handling, etc.
EMLIB -- computational electromagnetic codes.
The Forth Scientific Library Project -- scientific source codes in Forth.
GAMS: Guide to Available Mathematical Software -- cross-index information system.
HPC-Netlib -- high performance branch of the Netlib mathematical software repository.
JavaNumerics -- information about high-performance scientific computing using Java.
JPL -- JPL/ESS software exchange site.
MathWorks Software Library -- user-contributed and Mathworks-contributed m-files for Matlab.
MGNet -- repository for multigrid related software.
NCAR's Mathematical and Statistical Libraries -- collection of numerical codes.
Netlib Repository -- huge software repository.
NHSE -- distributed collection for high performance and parallel computing community.
Numerical computation in C -- source code in C/C++.
Numerical Software from Martin-Luther-Universität
Ooura's Mathematical Software Packages -- various numerical C/Fortran code.
Public Domain FFT Code -- collection of Fortran or C codes for FFT.
RSICC -- computer software and data sets in the areas of radiation transport and safety.
SCATTERLIB -- a library of single and multiple (radiative transfer) light scattering codes.
Software at SCRF -- some geostatistical and graphical codes.
StatLib -- a system for distributing statistical software, datasets, and information.
The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository -- a comprehensive collection of algorithm implementations.

Also Check Out:
Biostatistics Software -- collection of software for biostatistics research.
Materials Algorithms Project Library -- FORTRAN library for materials modelling.
SEA-MAT -- a collection of Matlab tools for oceanographic community.
Water Resources Applications Software -- a software repository for the area of water resources.

Other Resources:

Links to various software archives

MCSD Software: Mathematical Software Developed at NIST

Computer Physics Communications Program Library

Collaborative Computational Projects -- assist universities in developing, maintaining and distributing computer programs and promoting the best computational methods.

PSE (Problem Solving Environments)

ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software

Official listing of C++ Library Archive

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