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FLIB (The Fortran Library) is a World Wide Web repository of fortran code. A unique aspect of FLIB is that it provides a relative large number of routines to perform standard coding tasks that scientists and engineers typically never get around to worrying about, i.e., non-numeric tasks such as string manipulation and input validation (error handling). FLIB is organized into a variety of packages: CharPak --- manipulate character variables, convert numbers to strings and vice versa, align/center text in specific columns; ErrPak --- error trapping and the display of error and warning messages; IoPak --- create, modify, and view ASCII files; GeomPak --- geometrical transformations; RanPak --- generate random numbers sampled from various probability density functions; TimPak --- compute the number of days between two dates, check for a leap year; CAL --- compiler abstraction layer is a set of stubs (wrappers) for non-portable or non-standard (FORTRAN '77) system calls or routines.

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