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Items Added in January/February, 1998:

Parsec -- C-based simulation language for discrete-event simulation models.[1998/02/25]
PERCEPS -- documentation generation for C/C++ header files.[1998/02/25]
NoSQL [GPL] -- a fast, portable, relational DBMS without arbitrary limits.[1998/02/25]
XMRM -- an image morphing program for X-windows.[1998/02/25]
NNFit -- a non-linear regression program based on multilayered neural network models.[1998/02/25]
Xscanner -- an X-windows scan program based on Xforms.[1998/02/25]
MUMPS -- an interpreter for medical informatics distribution on web.[1998/02/25]
InfoPrism [GPL] -- a document processing system that translates SGML files to different formats.[1998/02/25]
C-Forge [CM] -- a multi-user full-featured integrated development environment.[1998/02/25]
Remind -- a full-featured calendar/reminder program.[1998/02/25]
Jad -- a fast Java decompiler.[1998/02/20]
Jikes -- a multi-paneled graphical debugger for remote Java program.[1998/02/20]
Snacc -- A Java stub compiler for ASN.1 specifications.[1998/02/20]
Pmw -- high-level compound widgets in Python using Tk.[1998/02/20]
PM -- a compiler for the logic programming language LambdaProlog.[1998/02/20]
SCEPTRE -- simulation and analysis of nonlinear electric circuits and dynamic systems.[1998/02/20]
SIMEX -- C++ classes for building discrete-even micropopulation models.[1998/02/20]
Mpexpr -- brings multiple precision math for Tcl.[1998/02/20]
GRASS-XMI [CM] -- a simple, low-cost, and user-friendly tool for GRASS.[1998/02/12]
Piologie -- library for arbitrary precision arithmetic for natural/integer/rational numbers.[1998/02/12]
GeneMark [CM] -- a package for finding gene locations within unannotated sequence texts.[1998/02/12]
angela! [GPL] -- a mouse-driven editor to help you creating graphs.[1998/02/12]
viewmol -- a GUI for some quantum chemical and some molecular modelling programs.[1998/02/12]
spline -- program for fitting a set of points using splines under tension.[1998/02/12]
yudit -- a unicode text editor for the X Window System.[1998/02/12]
cim [GPL] -- a compiler for the programming language Simula.[1998/02/12]
noweb -- a simple, extensible tool for literate programming.[1998/02/12]
PM2 HIGH-PERF -- a portable multithreaded environment for highly parallel applications.[1998/02/12]
Statnet [GPL] -- a program to gather and show information about a network.[1998/02/12]
Coda [GPL] -- an advanced networked filesystem.[1998/02/12]
Povray Rendering Center -- an X11 based application to make easier the rendering with POV-ray.[1998/02/10]
XmySQL -- XForms based GUI front end to MySQL.[1998/02/10]
M.A.D. -- a powerful image processing system.[1998/02/10]
Emtool -- a program for display and manipulation of electron micrographs.[1998/02/10]
Zed [GPL] -- a simple, fast and powerful text editor.[1998/02/10]
empgm -- a tool for converting electron microscopy images to pgm format.[1998/02/10]
Virtuoso [GPL] -- an idea for a 3D modeling/animation/rendering package for Linux.[1998/02/10]
PortRAY -- a portable ANSI C raytracer with some special features.[1998/02/10]
Spicograph -- a Java applet for creating/viewing spirograph.[1998/02/10]
JDE [GPL] -- an Emacs-based integrated development environment for Java.[1998/02/10]
PACCO -- an object-based approach to data processing by extending Tcl/Tk.[1998/02/10]
TRAPPER [CM] -- a graphical programming environment for developing parallel software.[1998/02/10]
xelem -- displays a hypertext periodic table with many information.[1998/01/30]
clig [GPL] -- a command line interpreter generator.[1998/01/30]
Jacl -- a Tcl interpreter for Java.[1998/01/30]
DrawP [GPL] -- draw radiation pattern of an antenna.[1998/01/30]
IAsolver [GPL] -- Java applet solving systems of non-linear constraints.[1998/01/30]
Twin Paradox Applet -- draws a spacetime diagram for the Twin Paradox.[1998/01/30]
Graph Applet -- a basic tool for playing around with graphs.[1998/01/30]
Physics Applets -- some demonstrations/simulations of basic physics principles, in Java applet.[1998/01/30]
Integration Applet -- graphs user-supplied function and computes the area under the curve.[1998/01/30]
Chemtool -- drawing organic molecules easily and store them as a X-Bitmap file.[1998/01/30]
PMPthreads -- Pthread with many patches.[1998/01/22]
Chaos Classes [GPL] -- C++ classes for use in the study of chaotic dynamical systems.[1998/01/22]
Sybase Open Client/C for LINUX -- a port of Sybase's Client-Library to Linux.[1998/01/22]
Cheng-Pleijel Point of a Quadrangle -- a Java applet to play with Cheng-Pleijel point.[1998/01/22]
Text Editor -- a "Text Editor" Java applet/application.[1998/01/22]
Freedom Desktop [CM] -- an easy-to-use yet powerful desktop manager/GUI for UNIX.[1998/01/22]
ROSTAT -- Fortran program for robust estimation of simple statistics.[1998/01/22]
Maze Solver -- a configurable genetic algorithm written in Java for solving maze.[1998/01/22]
JPython -- an implementation of Python integrated with the Java platform.[1998/01/22]
doubledouble [GPL] -- implements approximately 30 decimal place floating point arithmetic.[1998/01/17]
PFlow [GPL] -- an X11 Qt baseed program for use in introductory fluid dynamics course.[1998/01/17]
ksciplot [GPL] -- a function plotter for the KDE project.[1998/01/17]
STBasic [GPL] -- a structured BASIC interpreter.[1998/01/17]
JUMP -- a bytecode compiler to compile JAVA source code.[1998/01/17]
SIPP [GPL] -- a library for creating photorealistic renderings of 3D scenes.[1998/01/17]
TCMJava -- a suite of specification editors for TCM (Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling).[1998/01/17]
PRECC -- an infinite-lookahead compiler-compiler for context dependent grammars.[1998/01/17]
ICI -- a general purpose interpretive programming language.[1998/01/17]
neXtaw -- an replacement library for the Athena (libXaw) widget set.[1998/01/17]
JAVA-CALC -- a RPN type scientific calculator written in JavaScript.[1998/01/17]
OR-Objects -- a library of Java classes for developing Operation Research applications. [1998/01/17]

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