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SciTeXt is a new wordprocessor for UNIX - Systems. It tries to combine the requirement of a modern office-packet. The following list enumerates some of its most important features. o User-Interface --- Objectoriented handling, Full WYSIWYG with free choice of zoom, Supports Type-1 PostScript fonts, Contextsensitive toolbars with bubble help, Independent of language by a special Translation-Table, Free keyboard and menu shortcuts with a configurable, ActionEvent-Table Online help with own Tcl/Tk helpbrowser, Userinstallation with Tcl/Tk-Script. Features:

  • Wordprocessing --- Parapraph- and Documenttemplates, Auto-Correction, spellchecker, Thesaurus; no data yet :-(, Footnotes, table of contents, indices, chapternumbering, glossary, Itemize and enumeration.
  • Layout --- Free frames for text, graphic etc., Formulars, Tables, charts, mathmatical plots.
  • Documentexchange --- Send and receive SciTeXt documents via E-Mail, Drag & Drop, Many import- and exportfilters for text und graphic, Faxing of documents.
  • Miscellaneous --- Variable choice of printer with automatic detection of usability Usable as an Integrated Development Environment similar to WEB.

Current Version:   Alpha 2a

License Type:   Free

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Source Code Availability:   Yes

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Targeted Platforms:

Linux, Solaris, IRIX, etc.

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