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The basic elements in an office suite are usually composed of a word processor, a spreadsheet and a presentations application. There are now several nicely designed suites for Linux listed here. I haven't used any of them myself, but I've heard very positive responses to them, and lots of people enjoy using them.

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Office Suites   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

10 Out Of 1 Desk [CM] -- GUI library, desktop manager, word processor, spreadsheet, database, etc.
ANGOSS SmartWare [CM] -- relational database, spreadsheet, word processor, communications.
Applix Applixware suite [CM] -- spreadsheet, word processing, graphics, presentation, e.mail, etc.
Cliq [CM] -- configurable office automation tools.
Gnome Workshop [GPL] -- collection of productivity applications for the Gnome desktop.
GOLDMEDAL [CM] -- UNIX E-mail, Groupware & Office Applications.
Linux Office 99 [CM] -- a comprehensive software package of various office applications.
Siag Office [GPL] -- an office package with word processor, spreadsheet and presentation graphics.
StarOffice -- word processor, spreadsheet, graphic, chart and image package, etc.

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