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Several high quality software that might be useful in the office.

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Miscellaneous Software   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

A Better Way [CM] -- integrated system for manufacturing, accounting and distribution.
American Heritage Dictionary [CM] -- a computerized dictionary with many friendly features.
The Backup Professional [CM] -- high performance backup and recovery across the intranet.
BB Stock Tool and Stock Pro [CM] -- tools for stock charting, stock tracking and analysis.
Bluefish [GPL] -- a programmer's HTML editor.
BRU[tm] [CM][GPL] -- full featured backup software for home and commercial use.
cfengine [GPL] -- a very high level language for administrating and configuring unix-like systems.
CommuniGate Pro [CM] -- a professional internet messaging server.
CTAR [CM] -- The Business Critical Backup Solution.
CyberScheduler [CM] -- an internet-based calendaring and scheduling solution for workgroups.
Cybozu Office [CM] -- a Web-based groupware suite offering easy, real-time collaboration and sharing.
EasyFAX [CM] -- a easy to use and full-featured Fax program.
eXode [GPL] -- a project to create a set of integrated tools to manage a UNIX/X system.
NEW FileMaker [CM] -- workgroup information management tool.
Freedom Desktop [CM] -- an easy-to-use yet powerful desktop manager/GUI for UNIX.
GNOME [GPL] -- a project to build a complete, user-friendly desktop based entirely on free software.
Gpasman [GPL] -- a GTK-based safe password manager.
Host Factory [CM][GPL] -- a system to control the entire software contents of deployed Unix machines.
HylaFAX -- a facsimile system for UNIX systems.
Ical -- an X based calendar program.
iOffice2000 [CM] -- web based ready-to-work groupware application suite.
jstools -- a group of applications written in Tcl/Tk.
KBackup [GPL] -- a powerful backup program with a lot of features.
KDE [GPL] -- a powerful graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations.
NEW Kivio [GPL] -- a flowcharting software for KDE.
maXimum cde [CM] -- an integrated common desktop environment for Linux.
OSAS [CM] -- a highly flexible, feature-rich accounting software.
Perfect BACKUP+ [CM] -- a complete backup/restore program for Unix based servers and workstations.
plan -- a convenient and easy to use Motif-based calendar/datebook/alarm reminder.
Pybliographer [GPL] -- a tool for managing bibliographic databases.
QuickStart Data Rescue [CM] -- fast, easy and reliable PC system crash recovery.
Remind -- a full-featured calendar/reminder program.
SixPack [GPL] -- a bibliography and reference manager.
TeamWARE Office [CM] -- groupware for office tasks and communicating with each other.
TeamWave Workplace [CM] -- integrated groupware which collaborate/share information across internet.
TriTeal CDE [CM] -- a complete graphical environment to access both local and remote systems.
TimeClock [CM] -- an employee time and attendance system.
TeraSpell [CM] -- an user-friendly spell checker for Emacs.
TkDesk [GPL] -- a graphical desktop manager for Unix/Linux and the X window system.
VMware [CM] -- a flexible and safe computing environment by providing multiple virtual computers on a single PC.
Win4Lin [CM] -- efficiently run MS-Windows applications on Linux.
XFAX/GMS Gateway [CM] -- software for fax and sending text messages to GSM mobile phones and Minicall Text Pagers.
Yoga [GPL] -- GNU replacement for Lotus Notes.

Also Check Out:
ARKEIA [CM] -- centralized backup/restore/archiving software for heterogeneous networks.
QuickList [GPL] -- simple program similar to Microsoft Works databases for keeping track of things. [GPL] -- create bar charts in XFig files.

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