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GL is a high-performance 3-D graphics library by Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI). It is known for its IRIS graphical workstations. With its popular graphics hardware, OpenGL, the portable descendant of the propriatary IRIS GL, has become a de facto industry standard.

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GL(TM)/OpenGL(TM) Related Libraries & Toolkits   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

Apprentice -- an OpenInventor 2.x pure C++ emulation library for .iv and .wrl files.
Coin [GPL] -- Open GL based retained mode 3D graphics rendering library.
GL4Java [GPL] -- maps complete OpenGL 1.2 API to Java.
GLE Tubing and Extrusion Library -- a library package of that draw extruded surfaces.
gleem [GPL] -- a 3D C++ widgets library supporting direct user interaction with a 3D scene.
gltools -- an OpenGL based on-line graphics toolbox.
gltt [GPL] -- read and draw TrueType fonts in any OpenGL application.
GLX -- connecting OpenGL and the X Windows system.
f90gl -- Fortran 90 interface for OpenGL (or (Mesa) and GLUT.
Fast OpenGL -- develop and promulgate hardware accelerated graphics on PC-class computers running UNIX.
GLUT -- OpenGL utility toolkit.
GtkGLArea [GPL] -- an OpenGL widget for Gtk+ GUI toolkit.
Ivf++ [GPL] -- a simple OpenGL/GLUT based C++ visualisation framework.
libglobs [GPL] -- a set of C++ OpenGL object manipulation classes.
Mesa [GPL] -- a 3D graphics library with an API which is very similar to that of OpenGL.

PMesa extension of Mesa library with multiprocessor geometry transformations.
OpenGL -- software interface for 2D/3D computer graphics.
Metro Extreme 3D [CM] -- OpenGL for accelerated 3D graphics.
Metro OpenGL [CM] -- a port or OpenGL to Linux from Metro Link.
AcceleratedX OpenGL from XInside [CM] -- a port or OpenGL to Linux from XInside.
OpenGL Ada Bindings [GPL]
OpenGL C++ Library [GPL] -- C++ class library for OpenGL.
Scene [GPL] -- project to develop a 3D graphics API using C++.
SimGL -- OpenGL simulation graphics library for Quantum3D products.
Open Inventor from TGS [CM] -- an OO toolkit for developing interactive, 3D graphics applications.
Pryan [GPL] -- an OpenInventor-like toolkit.
PyOpenGL -- OpenGL-Widget for Python/Tk.
repGL -- IRIS GL emulated with OpenGL.
TAGL -- C++ library for 3D graphics, gouraud shading, ZBuffering, a subset of SGI-GL.
EGA TIGER -- provide Tcl based language binding for OpenGL.
Togl -- Tk widget for OpenGL rendering.
Vogl -- graphics library that tries to be compatible with SGI GL.
Ygl [GPL] -- emulates SGI's GL routines under X11.

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3D-MasterSuite [CM] -- collection of integrated OO classes for interactive 3D graphics applications.

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