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Welcome to my GIMP resources. This is the first page that I devoted to the Gimp. Its grown considerably, and now I sponsor a number of pages including the Sparkle page (a plug-in), some tutorials and tips, The GIMP Documentation Project and the GIMP Wish List.

If you feel the background or text colors make this page hard to read then let me know. But let me know if they should be lightened or darkened or what. I aim to please.

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If you have a page related to the Gimp, just email me and I'll add it here. You should also email Mena Quintero Federico so he can keep the more official list of resources.

In case you're wondering, no, I can't tell you how I made the graphic on this page. It took about 80 different images that were subtracted, added, composited, BCG'd till I was blue (and it was red), sparkled, spread, offset, and half a dozen other plug-ins'd to make. I was going to make a tips page on it, but it got way too complex. I can suggest that you get to be very familiar with the subtract, add, and bcg plug-ins. They are the most commonly used of the plug-ins I have. Lots of subtractions of images that are blurred and offset from "parent" images will eventually realize a 3D, glowing type of image. Thats not guaranteed, but it seems to work pretty well with text. Oh, and this image started out as text using a brushed font and a rounded-edge cylinder rendered with POV-Ray. The latter sort of got absorbed through the process of making this image, but it provided a good "gel-tab" shaped object with which to start.

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