The GIMP Documentation Project

This is the main page for the GIMP Documentation Project. The project is just getting underway so in the near term this page (and all its links) are likely to be changing fairly often.

User's Guide

The GIMP User's Guide will be a document aimed at end users, providing explanations on how to use the various core features of the program. The only Plug-Ins covered will be those delivered in the core package. In the 0.54 release there were a limited set of of plug-ins in the core package so a short description of some of the contributed plug-ins will be provided. In 0.60 a large number of the contributed plug-ins have been rolled into the base package. These will be covered in more depth with the 0.60 release of this document.

Status Outlined.
Contributing authors Michael J. Hammel
Comments This document will be based initially on the 0.54 release since the 0.60 release is still a bit unstable and probably a ways away from general release. It will be updated to 0.60 in time for the 0.60 release, whenever that might be.

The master version of this document will be written in SGML using the LinuxDoc package. Since this package doesn't support HTML tables very well, its likely the DTD from LinuxDoc will be updated to be more suitable for our needs.

Note that this document will be copyrighted by Michael J. Hammel. Why? Because I'd like to use it to have a published, hard copy version of the document based on it. If I don't do this I may not be able to get it published and I won't be able to prevent someone else from doing so before I get a shot at it. I know this might go against the grain for some folks, but thats the way its going to be. Note that the copyright won't prevent you from using the document for personal use. It will just prevent you from publishing it.

Programmer's Guide

This guide is aimed at the Plug-In developer. The Plug-In API will be defined and examples of how to use the API will be provided.

Status Not started yet.
Contributing authors -

Style Guide

In order to provide a meaningful user interface, it is important to maintain a common format for all plug-ins. The Style Guide for Plug-Ins will provide a set of guidelines that plug-in authors can use when creating their plug-in user interfaces.
Status Not started yet.
Contributing authors -

Porting Guide

This guide will be designed to allow developers who wish to port the GIMP to other platforms. Since portability to non-Unix platforms is not a major consideration, this guide may not be very useful (or even ever really exist).
Status Not started yet.
Contributing authors -

Plug-In Documentation

Status SGML Templates created and one plug-in document converted (Sparkle).
Contributing authors Michael J. Hammel (Sparkle, SGML Templates)

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