An example logo using various plug-ins

Here are a set of pictures which progress from the original through a couple intermediary images to the final, rather 60ish looking final image.
The Gimp Logo This is the original image, created using some PD fonts and some mucking around with the BCG plug-in.
The Gimp Logo extruded a bit The original logo has been extruded a bit using the displace plug-in.
The Gimp Logo webified A web is created by using the wave plug-in, duplicating it and rotating it 180 degrees, and adding the two pieces together. The original logo is then placed over that.
The Gimp Logo on drugs Finally, the logo is run through the plasma plug-in to create a psychadelic background. The web logo is combined with this and the extruded logo is masked out of that. The final step is to add the extruded logo to the webified, psychadelic background to create this final, Timothy Leary certified Gimp Logo.

Its interesting to note that the original logo took a little time to get right (you can see it combined with some other logos on my Unix Graphics Utilities web page), but the rest of these took no more than about an hour to produce. These aren't professional looking, but its amazing what you can produce in such short time. Nice job all you plug-in gurus (not to mention Spencer and Peter).

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(clear space) Created: June 6, 1996
Updated: June 6, 1996