Release notes for GIMP version 0.6

Prepared by:
Spencer Kimball
Peter Mattis

GIMP release 0.6 has been long in the coming and represents at least 4 months of constant modification. This release is intended STRICTLY for gimp developers, and we do not intend it for public distribution. This is primarily because the features we want to see haven't been finished and the code itself isn't stable enough yet. Hopefully a more complete, public release will follow in the next month.

Pete and I have recently been diverted from GIMP development. Pete is busy working at HP, and I'm prostituting myself as a java programmer for money. Still, development continues, albeit slowly.

Here are some features of this release that I can recall:

Have fun...We know there are a ton of bugs, and we know about quite a few of them. In order to avoid bug reports clogging up the gimp-developer mailing list, we've created a gimp-bugs@xcf mail alias that you can use to submit bug reports. We'll file these into a folder and try to get around to fixing them. We should continue to use the gimp-developer mailing list as a forum for the bigger design issues.

In other news, I was planning on starting the gimp-manual, which I envision as more of a tutorial with appendices for all of the dry, boring technical details. I was thinking of writing it in latex, but since people on the list seem to think SGML is the way to go, I'll look into that when I get time. For now, I'm just generating text, so the formatting can be applied in the future. Since others seem interested in the gimp manual, I think we need a good basic outline of the topics to cover and then divide up the work from there. I think it might be nice to have a goal-based manual where you start from scratch and build up a number of complicated final images, touching on all of the tools throughout the process. Maybe using some of Quartic's stunning title images as final products. I would also like to sprinkle page-long tips throughout the book that illustrate some of the cool hacks people have on their web pages.

Pete claims to be working on documentation for Gtk/Gdk, so that will hopefully appear in the next few months as well.

You can get the program at:
Spencer & Peter, (aka S&P :-)

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