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Items Added in May/June, 2001:

Biome [GPL] -- a C++ library aimed at individual/agent-based simulations.[2001/05/18]
GP/Arka [GPL] -- a set of small utilities to manipulate DNA sequences and a GUI program.[2001/05/18]
MET [GPL] -- a C++ matrix class library promoting the notational convenience of linear algebraic.[2001/05/18]
TXL -- a language and rapid prototyping system designed to support source text analysis and transformation tasks.[2001/05/18]
SIMTEC [CM] -- a FEM based solidification modeling program.[2001/05/18]
ABINIT [GPL] -- a quantum mechanical density functional calculations in periodic systems.[2001/05/18]
Chemical Resource Kit [GPL] -- includes three chemistry-related software packages.[2001/05/18]
GetDP -- software for numerical solution of integro-differential equations.[2001/05/18]
Gmsh -- three-dimensional mesh generator with pre-/post-processing facilities.[2001/05/18]
eXtrans [GPL] -- a high level framework to generate any format from XML documents.[2001/05/18]
cv -- interactive HDF/HDF-EOS visualization tool from the U.S. Geological Survey.[2001/05/18]
GrAL -- a generic library for grid (mesh) data structures and algorithms.[2001/05/18]
Boost Graph Library -- a collection of graph algorithms and data structures in the style of STL.[2001/05/18]
ODE Fortran Codes -- Fortran 77 programs for various ODE problems.[2001/05/18]
IVP Test Set -- Fortran 77 test set for initial value problems.[2001/05/18]
SimBioSys Products [CM] -- rational drug design software for design/optimization of small, organic therapeutics.[2001/05/18]
Ruby/GP [GPL] -- a genetic programming library in Ruby language.[2001/05/18]
viewONE [CM] -- a high performance Java applet for viewing images and image documents.[2001/05/18]
RDBMS Linter SQL [CM] -- a relational database management system with SQL-92 implementation.[2001/05/18]
OpenAI -- plan to create a full suite of nteroperable Artificial Intelligence engines.[2001/05/18]
Entropy [CM] -- a high-quality rendering system based partially on BMRT.[2001/05/18]
FLOW-3D [CM] -- a general purpose CFD software package for a wide variety of fluid flows.[2001/05/18]
Parallel lil-gp -- a Strongly Typed version of lil-gp version that can be used on clusters.[2001/05/18]
Chime -- a web browser plugin for displaying 3D molecular structure.[2001/05/18]
Protein Explorer -- view and explore the 3D structure of any macromolecule.[2001/05/18]
E [GPL] -- a purely equational theorem prover for clausal logic.[2001/05/18]
Xmath -- an WYSWYG mathematical expression editor for X Window.[2001/05/18]
Aipsview -- a tool for two-dimensional visualization for FITS image files.[2001/05/18]
GRG -- a computer algebra program for differential geometry, gravitation and field theory.[2001/05/18]
Classic Ladder [GPL] -- ladder language as used on many PLC to realize automation of process.[2001/05/18]
AI::GA [GPL] -- a simple generalized genetic algorithm.[2001/05/18]
cal3d [GPL] -- a skeletal based 3d character animation library in C++.[2001/05/18]
Depot -- a software management tool for UNIX.[2001/05/18]
Gedafe [GPL] -- an application independent end-user web front-end for databases.[2001/05/18]
GLiv [GPL] -- an OpenGL image viewer.[2001/05/18]
MayaVi [GPL] -- a cross platform and easy-to-use scientific data visualizer.[2001/05/18]
Minimum Profit [GPL] -- a programmer's text editor.[2001/05/18]
PAI [GPL] -- a program capable of having a conversation in English.[2001/05/18]
Rascal [GPL] -- a platform-independent and advanced scientific modular calculator.[2001/05/18]
Sharp Tools Spreadsheet [GPL] -- a spreadsheet written in Java with full formula support.[2001/05/18]
Steel Bank Common Lisp -- a development environment for Common Lisp.[2001/05/18]
Cxc [GPL] -- a console calculator that works like a TI-83.[2001/05/18]
Speedy -- a fast main memory SQL-database for Linux.[2001/05/18]
FLASH -- a modular, adaptive, parallel simulation code for astrophysics.[2001/05/18]
Pulsar [GPL] -- generation and simulation of advanced RF pulses.[2001/05/18]
Open Dynamics Engine [GPL] -- library for simulating articulated rigid body dynamic.[2001/05/18]
FileMaker [CM] -- workgroup information management tool.[2001/05/18]
GGobi -- a data visualization system for viewing high-dimensional data.[2001/05/18]
SIDB [GPL] -- a web-driven database for images.[2001/05/18]
Nickle -- a desk calculator language with powerful programming and scripting capabilities.[2001/05/18]
GSview -- a graphical interface for Ghostscript.[2001/05/18]
p4 -- parallel programming library consists of macros and subroutines.[2001/05/18]

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