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Items Added in November & December, 1998:

Dataplore [CM] -- software tool for analysis of signals and time series data.[1998/12/29]
DataLab-J -- image processing and analysis package written in Java.[1998/12/29]
Oberon V4 for GNU/Linux [GPL] -- an implementation of Oberon V4 for Linux.[1998/12/29]
xcosm -- removing out-of-focus light in 3-D volumes collected plane by plane. [1998/12/29]
Distributed GEANT -- automate parallel processing of GEANT jobs over a computer network.[1998/12/29]
kForth [GPL] -- a simple Forth programming language and environment.[1998/12/29]
VASP -- ab-initio MD simulation with pseudopotential and plane wave basis set.[1998/12/29]
NWChem -- high performance computational chemistry software.[1998/12/29]
DeFT -- a quantum mechanical and Gaussian density functional program.[1998/12/29]
CRYSTAL -- computes electronic structure of periodic materials with quantum mechanical methods. [1998/12/29]
WIEN97 [CM] -- perform electronic structure calculations of solids using LAPW method. [1998/12/29]
COLUMBUS -- high-level ab initio molecular electronic structure calculations.[1998/12/29]
Homebrew Decompiler [GPL] -- a decompiler for Java class files.[1998/12/29]
System Abstraction Layer -- subsystems of multitasking, file IO and socket IO.[1998/12/29]
Jlint -- check Java code and find bugs, data flow analysis and building lock graph.[1998/12/29]
Nightfall [GPL] -- interactive astronomy application for animated views of eclipsing binary stars.[1998/12/29]
Thermforming J_tf202/J_tf505 [CM] -- software for plastic sheet forming by heating. [1998/12/14]
TAL -- an Eiffel OO library for technical analysis applications.[1998/12/14]
NUOPT [CM] -- an add-on optimization software for S-PLUS data analysis. [1998/12/14]
Polaris [CM] -- high performance multi-mode Verilog simulation.[1998/12/14]
Mops -- a 3D modeling environment.[1998/12/14]
DB2 Universal Database [CM] -- an industrial-strength RDBMS offers true universal capabilities.[1998/12/14]
JGL -- a generic collection library for Java.[1998/12/14]
TAU -- tuning and analysis utilities for parallel applications.[1998/12/14]
POOMA -- an object-oriented framework of high-performance parallel applications. [1998/12/14]
3-D Function Builder -- a Java applet for plotting surface in 3 dimensions.[1998/12/14]
VisualPOV -- a simple graphical user interface of operating POV-RAY.[1998/12/14]
jEdit [GPL] -- a powerful, easy to use, cross platform text editor written in Java.[1998/12/03]
Maxtal Interscript -- an advanced literate programming system.[1998/12/03]
gCAD [GPL] -- a new and simple 2D CAD program for GNOME. [1998/12/03]
OpenScheme -- a Scheme interpreter/compiler/debugger conform to the R4RS standard.[1998/12/03]
Obsidian -- an open source 3D virtual world for Linux and OpenGL. [1998/12/03]
C/Math Toolchest [CM] -- C/C++ library for scientific and engineering applications. [1998/12/03]
C/Database Toolchest [CM] -- a C/C++ library with database management functions. [1998/12/03]
CSG Ray Tracer -- a simple CSG ray tracer.[1998/12/03]
NQC -- a simple language with a C like syntax.[1998/12/03]
THUD [GPL] -- an RTL simulation environment optimized for cycle-based designs. [1998/12/03]
Xwake -- a code for wake potential and impedance calculations.[1998/12/03]
NCBI Toolkit -- a library for developing biology programs.[1998/11/24]
BLAST -- a sequence similarity search tool supporting analysis of nucleotide and protein databases.[1998/11/24]
AdaSockets [GPL] -- allow using sockets in Ada.[1998/11/24]
Ingres II [CM] -- an advanced and industrial-strength RDBMS.[1998/11/24]
LabVIEW [CM] -- graphical programming environment for data acquisition/control/analysis/visualization.[1998/11/24]
ClibPDF -- ANSI C library for direct PDF generation.[1998/11/24]
Cgraph -- ANSI C library for generating PostScript scientific plots.[1998/11/24]
IRIS Explorer [CM] -- a powerful visual programming system for data visualization.[1998/11/24]
IRIS [CM] -- system for storage, transmission and analysis of medical images.[1998/11/24]
ZEN [GPL] -- toolbox for fast computations in finite extensions of finite rings.[1998/11/24]
Clusterspace [CM] -- Java system to develop high-performance parallel applications.[1998/11/24]
Macsyma [CM] -- a powerful and general purpose mathematical tools.[1998/11/13]
gPhoto [GPL] -- a digital camera utility.[1998/11/13]
LCLint -- a tool for statically checking C programs.[1998/11/13]
NodPlot [GPL] -- a scientific data plotting software for 3D structured meshes.[1998/11/13]
M-VIA -- a high performance modular VIA for Linux.[1998/11/13]
interpcom [GPL] -- a C library of command interpreter.[1998/11/13]
Xnview -- a program for viewing and converting your graphics files.[1998/11/13]
Glade [GPL] -- a free user interface builder for GTK+.[1998/11/13]
Ruby [GPL] -- an interpreted scripting language for quick and easy OO programming.[1998/11/13]
O2 Object Database System [CM] -- solution for C++, Java and CORBRA developers.[1998/11/13]
Koala-graphics -- graphics layer on top of Java AWT to design network management GUI.[1998/11/13]
XMegaWave -- a graphical windows environment oriented towards image processing.[1998/11/13]
GTKFIG -- a figure/scheme drawing tool.[1998/11/05]
S-PLUS [CM] -- exploratory data analysis and statistical data mining.[1998/11/05]
PDFlib -- C library for generating PDF files.[1998/11/05]
Electric [GPL] -- a complete EDA system that can handle many forms of circuit design.[1998/11/05]
XMD -- a program for performing molecular dynamics simulations.[1998/11/05]
Hitchhiker [GPL] -- an astronomy visualization program.[1998/11/05]
GNUPRO Toolkit [CM] -- low-cost development tools for native and embedded software developers.[1998/11/05]
Improv -- image processing for robot vision.[1998/11/05]
STL -- a C++ library of container classes, algorithms, and iterators.[1998/11/05]
Mirage -- a virtual reality toolkit descended from VR386.[1998/11/05]
Me3D [GPL] -- a polygonal 3D modeling program, intended for creating OpenGL models.[1998/11/05]
Sketch [GPL] -- an interactive drawing program for Linux.[1998/11/05]

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