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Items Added in September & October, 1998:

Protein Structure Software -- programs and C libraries.[1998/10/23]
MPQC [GPL] -- massively parallel quantum chemistry program.[1998/10/23]
Oracle [CM] -- powerful database server and applications.[1998/10/23]
ozone -- a multi-user object-oriented database implemented completely in Java.[1998/10/23]
Wily -- a mouse-oriented, text-based working environment for programmers.[1998/10/23]
Dr Geo [GPL] -- construction of interactive geometric figures.[1998/10/23]
XFITSview [GPL] -- a viewer for FITS format images for unix/X-Windows.[1998/10/23]
FC-Plot [GPL] -- a scientific analysis/visualization tool for Unix/GTK.[1998/10/23]
MTM -- multi-taper spectral analysis methods in ANSI-C.[1998/10/23]
NetBeans -- a Java development environment, written in Java.[1998/10/23]
Gadfly -- an SQL database in Python.[1998/10/19]
jaNet [GPL] -- a Java neural network toolkit.[1998/10/19]
XCircuit -- drawing publishable-quality electrical circuit schematic diagrams.[1998/10/19]
Isaac -- scientific calculator and programming language.[1998/10/19]
Evalign -- a computerised evaluation method for protein sequence alignment algorithm.[1998/10/19]
eXsas -- extended scientific analysis system for X-ray and XUV data.[1998/10/19]
Horizon -- a Java package for browsing and visualizing scientific data.[1998/10/19]
Moldy [GPL] -- performs molecular dynamics simulations of condensed matter.[1998/10/08]
jPVM -- an interface to allow Java applications to use the PVM.[1998/10/08]
MOLPHY -- a program package for MOLecular PHYlogenetics.[1998/10/08]
Automated Telescope Facility -- control/operate/processing for automated telescope.[1998/10/08]
Linux Office 99 [CM] -- a comprehensive software package of various office applications.[1998/10/08]
Gifsicle [GPL] -- UNIX command-line tool for creating/editing/manipulating GIF images.[1998/10/08]
Widd [GPL] -- a front end application for database which implements sql3/sql92.[1998/10/08]
NESL -- a parallel programming language which is easy and portable.[1998/10/08]
MultiScale Libaray [GPL] -- routines for linear algebra, transformation and wavelet.[1998/10/08]
Prometheus Truecolor [GPL] -- C++/Java library of choice for demo programming.[1998/10/08]
PAML -- phylogenetic analyses of DNA or protein sequences using maximum likelihood.[1998/10/02]
Paradigm Visual Make -- C/C++/etc. software development environment.[1998/10/02]
GIANT/PITSA -- consistent analysis of large, heterogeneous sesmological data sets.[1998/10/02]
FPL -- a C-like interpreting script/macro language.[1998/10/02]
Sybase ASE -- a highly scalable, high-perfromance, SQL-based database engine.[1998/10/02]
AVS5 [CM] -- powerful software suite for data visualization and analysis.[1998/10/02]
QuickStart Data Rescue [CM] -- fast, easy and reliable PC system crash recovery.[1998/10/02]
PrimeBase -- an RDBMS supporting all common database standards and protocols.[1998/10/02]
Quick Image Viewer [GPL] -- a small and fast image viewer for X11.[1998/10/02]
XenonSql -- a Java based interactive SQL Editor.[1998/10/02]
Surface Plotter -- a Java applet plotting surface of a user supplied two variable function.[1998/10/02]
DomainFinder -- identifies and characterizes dynamical domains in proteins.[1998/09/24]
CommuniGate Pro [CM] -- a professional internet messaging server.[1998/09/24]
MetaKit -- a highly dynamic cross-platform database library for medium-sized applications.[1998/09/24]
KuickShow [GPL] -- a fast and easy-to-use image viewer/browser.[1998/09/24]
FxEngine -- a powerful 3d graphics library that uses the glide API.[1998/09/24]
APRIL -- a symbolic programming language for multi-agent systems.[1998/09/24]
Weber's Java codes -- various Java codes for visualization in crystallography area.[1998/09/24]
Java Microscope -- produces vector field and performs simulations.[1998/09/24]
VisualWorks -- a rich interactive programming environment for the Smalltalk-80 language.[1998/09/24]
DigiTemp -- a simple to use interface to DS1820 digital temperature sensor.[1998/09/24]
X2 -- a text mode editor for fast code writing.[1998/09/24]
KUIM -- an image processing system for teaching and computer vision research.[1998/09/11]
AUC [SR] -- on screen unit convert calculator with easy interface.[1998/09/11]
WebWinds -- a Java based interactive science data visualization system.[1998/09/11]
Convective Energy Equation Finite Element Solver[1998/09/11]
Simple Finite Element -- qualitative truss analysis with finite element.[1998/09/11]
QCL [GPL] -- programming language and simulator for quantum computers.[1998/09/11]
IAsolver [GPL] -- the Brandes interval arithmetic constraint solver implemented in Java.[1998/09/11]
WorldEd -- a 3d modeller for KDE.[1998/09/11]
Code Medic -- provides an elegant graphical interface to gdb's most debugging features.[1998/09/11]
GCJ -- a GCC front end for compiling Java source and bytecode.[1998/09/11]
Java Corner -- Java codes for truss/frame analyse and 3D OFF object visualization.[1998/09/11]
MOISS [GPL] -- a n-particle, n-dimensions Monte Carlo Schroedinger equation integrator.[1998/09/04]
Isearch -- information retrieval, free/fielded text retrieval.[1998/09/04]
BIGMAC -- a recent technique to compute thermodynamic properties of flexible molecules.[1998/09/04]
SOS [CM] -- a source code management tool for hardware design engineers.[1998/09/04]
Naccess -- calculates the accessible area of a molecule from a PDB file.[1998/09/04]
SUPERSNAP -- a software for normal mode propagation model.[1998/09/04]
OASES -- ocean acoustics and sesmic exploration synthesis.[1998/09/04]
TRANSIENT [SR] -- solving arbitrary, nonlinear, parabolic PDEs in space and time.[1998/09/04]
iLisp -- a small, multiplatform implementation of Lisp language.[1998/09/04]
Guppi [GPL] -- plotting data and performing simple statistical manipulations with GUI.[1998/09/04]
Slidedraw [GPL] -- a drawing program in Tcl/Tk for presentation slides.[1998/09/04]

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