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Items Added in December, 1997:

Moonlight Atelier -- a 3D modeler and a renderer package for images creation and visual effects.
Z88 [GPL] -- a fast and compact finite elements program featuring 13 element types.[1997/12/17]
TriTeal CDE [CM] -- a complete graphical environment to access both local and remote systems.[1997/12/17]
QtEZ [GPL] -- a simple IDE for Qt and C++.[1997/12/17]
CodeColorizer -- a web-based utility that can "colorize" the source code to make it easier to read.[1997/12/17]
Java based calculator -- a simple calculator in Java applet.[1997/12/17]
Potential Flow Applet -- a Java applet to experiment the potential flow.[1997/12/17]
Virtual Optical Table [GPL] -- a tabletop to experiment lenses, curved mirrors, prisms, and lasers.[1997/12/17]
Guide to Basic Laboratory Statistics -- a guide to elementary inferential statistics, including Java applets.[1997/12/17]
XAllWrite [CM] -- a word-process or for creating excellent quality documents with ease.[1997/12/14]
Java 2D Graph Package [GPL] -- a package of Java classes for scientific data plotting. [1997/12/14]
N-ary Tree Widget [CM] -- an Xt/Motif widget to display/edit data structures with hierarchical relationships.[1997/12/14]
HView HTML Widget [CM] -- a Motif widget to display HTML 2.0 standard text and images.[1997/12/14]
TabBook Widget -- a Motif manager widget similar to Motif's own XmNotebook widget in appearance.[1997/12/14]
Xew -- widgets for the applications that have a need to display multimedia information.[1997/12/14]
benchFFT -- a program to compare FFT implementations.[1997/12/14]
Elastic Net Method for TSP -- demonstration of elastic net method on solving a travelling salesman problem.[1997/12/14]
CadViewer [CM] -- a Java applet for viewing drawings saved using the DWF file format.[1997/12/14]
Hungry ViewKit [GPL] -- a C++ application framework for OSF/Motif.[1997/12/05]
RnaViz -- a friendly/portable program for producing secondary structure drawings of RNA molecules.[1997/12/05]
PHYSICA -- a high level, interactive programming environment for data analysis and visualization.[1997/12/05]
egcs [GPL] -- an experimental step in the development of GCC.[1997/12/05]
eXode [GPL] -- a project to create a set of integrated tools to manage a UNIX/X system.[1997/12/05]
Ical -- an X based calendar program.[1997/12/05]
XFracky -- a simple multithreaded Tcl/Tk 8.0 based application for rendering fractals.[1997/12/05]
GOL [GPL] -- simulator for Conway's game of life, and similar rule sets.[1997/12/05]
TkDesk [GPL] -- a graphical desktop manager for Unix/Linux and the X window system. [1997/12/05]
Doxygen [GPL] -- a documentation system for C++.[1997/12/05]
GNOME [GPL] -- a project to build a complete, user-friendly desktop based entirely on free software.[1997/12/05]
G Arith [GPL] -- an arithmetic test/game for X11.[1997/12/05]
maXimum cde [CM] -- an integrated common desktop environment for Linux.[1997/12/05]
Kafka -- an agent library for constructing multi-agent based distributed applications. [1997/12/05]
b2c -- a compiler which reads BETA and translates it to C.[1997/12/05]
Berlin -- a new UNICODE POSIX-compliant windowing system and application environment.[1997/12/05]
GYVE [GPL] -- a project to develop a drawing program in the spirit of Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.[1997/12/05]
Gfig -- a "vector like" drawing plug-in for the gimp.[1997/12/05]

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