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Items Added in November, 1997:

Genie++ -- a multiblock, 3D, structured grid generation package.[1997/11/25]
GUBI [GPL] -- Gtk+ User Interface Builder.[1997/11/25]
JXSpectrum [GPL] -- a spectrum analyzer based on XSpectrum.[1997/11/25]
GGI -- gives the Linux Virtual Consoles pixel-graphics drawing and display capabilities, etc.[1997/11/25]
Understanding Molecular Simulations -- software for Molecular Simulation.[1997/11/25]
HQP [GPL] -- a solver for nonlinearly constrained optimization.[1997/11/25]
SmartSpice [CM] -- a high performance analog circuit simulator.[1997/11/25]
Pixel!FX [CM] -- a family of integrated imaging and scanning products for UNIX.[1997/11/25]
PSIM [GPL] -- PowerPC Microporcessor Architecture Model Simulation.[1997/11/25]
SimpleScalar -- the SimpleScalar architectural research tool set.[1997/11/25]
KDE [GPL] -- a powerful graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations.[1997/11/25]
KFem -- a finite element software on KDE.[1997/11/25]
Expokit -- software for computing small dense and large sparse matrix exponentials.[1997/11/25]
ADL -- a specification language for programming interfaces.[1997/11/25]
IKIT [GPL] -- an interactive and batch image processing kit.[1997/11/25]
PGPA [GPL] -- small graphing application for a function of one variable and many parameters.[1997/11/25]
NAGWare f77 Tools [CM] -- tools for processing/analysing/transforming Fortran 77 source code.[1997/11/06]
ARfit -- estimation and spectral decomposition of multivariate autoregressive models.[1997/11/06]
AL -- a programming language for modeling and animation.[1997/11/06]
Drat -- an Object-Oriented interface to the curses library written in C++.[1997/11/06]
DL_POLY -- a parallel molecular dynamics simulation package.[1997/11/06]
kc [GPL] -- transforms chemical equations into simulation programs.[1997/11/06]
SGS -- a free geostatistical software tool.[1997/11/06]
EXOR -- an extensible object oriented digital circuit simulator.[1997/11/06]
RNS -- a simulator for recurrent neural networks.[1997/11/06]
ViewKit [CM] -- a C++ application framework for OSF/Motif and CDE applications.[1997/11/06]
Backprop -- a program for back-propagation network algorithms.[1997/11/06]
II -- a distributed system framework that is implemented in Java.[1997/11/06]
FAST -- a framework for fast processor simulation.[1997/11/06]
ACPLT/KS -- a platform-independent communication system for data processing.[1997/11/06]
Ptplot -- a Java plotter based on xgraph.[1997/11/03]
Webots -- an open mobile robots simulator.[1997/11/03]
INCT -- induced norm control toolbox.[1997/11/03]
Moscow ML -- a light-weight implementation of Standard ML.[1997/11/03]
Gnans [GPL] -- a program/language for numerical study of deterministic/stochastic dynamical systems.[1997/11/03]
Hobbit [GPL] -- a small optimizing scheme-to-C compiler. [1997/11/03]
PyOpenGL -- OpenGL-Widget for Python/Tk.[1997/11/03]
PAMELA -- a performance modeling language that supports a procedure-oriented modeling paradigm.[1997/11/03]
GNUMATH [GPL] -- a numerical mathematics library for scientific applications.[1997/11/03]
ooMPEG -- a reentrant multi-threaded MPEG decoder written in C++.[1997/11/03]

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